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Are Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata Still Friends, Forever Queens Update

Netflix’s ‘Forever Queens,’ AKA ‘Siempre Reinas,’ is a Mexican fact series that follows icons like Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, as well as Lorena Herrera. The 4 women are well developed within the Mexican enjoyment sector for their range of abilities.

Period 1 of the program files just how the four icons come together. One such duo whose vibrant seemed to have taken the most hit was that of Lucía Méndez and also Laura Zapata. Beginning off as great friends, the program illustrates exactly how the two soon find themselves at each various other’s throats.

Lucía Méndez and also Laura Zapata’s Forever Queens Journey

The start of ‘Forever Queens’ period 1 showed the conference of Lucía Leticia Méndez Pérez AKA Lucía Méndez as well as Laura Guadalupe Zapata Miranda, the latter of which generally goes by Laura Zapata. Though the two understood each other prior to the show, they were far better familiarized with Sylvia Pasquel, who helped with the conference in between them. The duo soon clicked as well as became good friends. In fact, throughout their evening out at bench, where the trio met up with Lorena Herrera, Lucían and Laura occupied the center stage during their vocal singing performance.

The 4 girls caught the eye of music manufacturer José Luis Roma, who is great friends with Lorena as well as had accompanied her to the bar. When the time came for recording, Lucía was much from pleased concerning the choice of notes and music style.

Lucía stated that she did not want to threaten her style and what individuals acknowledge her by. This began the tiff in between Lucían as well as Laura, the latter of which claimed that Lucía was allowing her vanity come in the method of what can be a terrific project.

Prior to the following conference in between the 4 friends, Lucía had when again talked to José Luis regarding her problems. After listening to the new track, Lucían attempted to ask forgiveness to Laura regarding her comments last evening and also just how she desired to simply direct out the stats as well as was trying to stay with what had actually always worked for her as a musician.

Lucían asserted that she simply wanted the task to be better, yet Laura asserted that Lucía was not a part of the job any longer as she had evidently stop. Lucía did go on to tape-record her component for the brand-new track, the tensions in between the two had not resolved in the smallest as well as were evident during the recording of the tune’s video.

Are Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata Still Friends?

It appears that Lucía Méndez and Laura Zapata are certainly still friends. In the season 1 ending of ‘Forever Queens,’ the 4 ladies mosted likely to a retreat in order to move past their inner concerns. In the direction of completion of their journey, the 4 women embraced each other as well as revealed their love for each other. When the time came for the release of their track, the four stood together and stated that in spite of the bumps, they appreciated the experience.

As of creating, Lucían and also Laura are undoubtedly on each other’s social media sites complying with checklists. While promoting the Netflix program where the two starred along with each other, both females have only commented positively concerning their experience, and also the reconciliation shown in the show seems to have actually undoubtedly been effective. We want both of them the very best for their future endeavors and also intend to see far more of them should the collection be renewed for one more period.

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