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Are Maria Rodriguez and Chris Ragusa Still Together? Cosmic Love Update

If you wonder to know whether astronomy suffices to locate true love, Prime Video’s ‘Cosmic Love’ would certainly be right up your street. The dating reality program at first concentrates on 4 people or elements who are meant to discover a life partner from 16 eligible songs. Nevertheless, the elements are directed in their trip by the “Astro Chamber,” which advises them on the most effective strategy and also even reveals their ideal matches. Following astrological standards or disregarding them is completely up to the candidates as they progress towards an impending marital relationship.

While New York City-based specialist makeup artist Maria Rodriguez came onto the program with an intention to find an other half, she was fairly discouraged as her initial connections failed to work out. Nevertheless, it did not take long for Maria to meet Chris Ragusa, a designer from Connecticut, who swept her off her feet. Nonetheless, with the electronic cameras now turned away, followers wonder to figure out if Chris as well as Maria are still together, and also we made a decision to bring you solutions!

Maria and also Chris R’s Cosmic Love Journey

By the way, Maria wasn’t that thinking about Chris R. from the get go as well as rather sought a connection with Christopher Essex, aka Chris E. She also picked Chris E. as her very first day, and both appeared fairly comfortable with each other. Thus, Maria was quite stunned when the “Astro Chamber” revealed Javier McIntosh to be her initial perfect match, but she still determined to put her rely on the experiment and also discover her various other choices. While Javier as well as Maria did get off to a great begin and also seemed to deal with their link, it simply was not indicated to be, and also the New York City resident soon really felt the disconnect. She did not discover much time to mirror on the past as the show soon matched her with Chris R, and Maria at some point moved on.

Remarkably, even though Maria and also Chris R. proved to have distinct chemistry, the specialist make-up musician was unable to place Chris E. out of her mind as well as kept hoping for them to exercise. By the way, the “Astro Chamber” also matched Maria with Christopher Jones, but the New York resident viewed him extra as a close friend than a romantic interest. Things heated up in episode 4 when Chris E. was exposed as Maria’s last ideal suit, much to her pleasure.

However, Maria quickly recognized that she did not have a whole lot alike with Chris E and also instead felt far more at home with Chris R. by her side. Therefore, once the eliminations occurred, Maria sent out all her suits, consisting of Chris E., residence and looked for to reinforce her connection with the Connecticut-based engineer. At Some Point, Chris R. even ended up recommending to Maria, as well as their families accepted the two with open arms, bring about a stunning wedding.

Are Maria Rodriguez and Chris Ragusa Still Together?

Maria as well as Chris R. favor personal privacy when it comes to their individual life, recent developments indicate that the 2 aren’t together. Remarkably, the bond they established while on ‘Cosmic Love’ appeared virtually unbreakable, as well as their commitment made followers believe that they were meant for each various other. That does not seem to be the situation as Maria has considering that returned to her task as an expert make-up musician in New York City, while Chris R. is presently in Connecticut, earning a living as an auto mechanic.

Furthermore, none of their social networks accounts feature a reference of their loved one, while both have additionally unfollowed each other on Instagram. Besides, from the looks of it, they hardly ever connect in public, although both Maria and also Chris R. have actually kept close bonds with the rest of their ‘Cosmic Love’ castmates. While we would love to be proven wrong, we are currently bound to assume that Chris R as well as Maria have gone their separate means.

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