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Are Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein Still Together? 90 Day The Single Life Update

Tender loving care’s ’90 Day Fiance’ uses us an authentic preview into the lives of American people who are involved to international nationals. Showcasing a hefty dosage of romance and interpersonal dramatization, the series got so prominent that it paved the way to a number of interesting spinoffs. One such offshoot, ’90 Day: The Single Life,’ takes the audience through the lives of initial ’90 Day’ cast members who are yet to locate their happy endings. The program details their search for brand-new love and prepare for the future, that makes for a fascinating watch.

Ukrainian indigenous Natalie Mordovtseva stood for the first time on ’90 Day: Fiance’ season 7. Back then, she was involved to United States native Mike Youngquist, as well as the duo was understood for their remarkable as well as explosive fights. Both ultimately celebrated a marriage. Their connection could not stand the examination of time, as well as Natalie went on to satisfy Josh Weinstein in ’90 Day: The Single Life’ period 3. However, with fans noticing splits in Natalie and also Josh’s connection, they wonder to know if they are together. Well, we come bearing solutions!

Natalie as well as Josh’s 90 Day: The Single Life Journey

As Soon As Natalie and also Mike Youngquist divided, the Ukrainian indigenous changed to Florida and dipped her toes right into the dating scene. After taking place a couple of not successful dates, Natalie obtained as well as fulfilled acquainted with Josh Weinstein while participating in a modeling occasion. Josh, the CEO of a modeling firm, appeared completely smitten with Natalie, much to her delight. Speaking with the manufacturers regarding their partnership, Natalie discussed that while Mike is traditional and also foreseeable, she enjoys Josh’s wild and also spontaneous nature, that made their connection stronger.

Moreover, Natalie was also all set to settle and start a household, and Josh appeared perfect for that strategy. Josh reacted well to Natalie’s developments, and the 2 obtained involved in a speedy love. Despite the US native living in Los Angeles, the two made long-distance job. Natalie’s seemingly uncertain actions troubled Josh from time to time. Still, he was willing to offer her an authentic chance and even invited her to fulfill his parents in Arizona.

As soon as in Arizona, Natalie entered a small run-in with Josh’s ex after finding out that she shares a kid with him. As the Ukrainian native wished to settle down and also begin a family as rapid as possible, she was quite let down to learn that Josh had not been extremely passionate about having an additional kid. While Josh specified that his work timetable did not permit him to listen somewhere else, Natalie had not been delighted with his response, and also the couple split methods with their destiny still hanging in the balance.

Are Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein Still Together?

Natalie and also Josh are lovely exclusive concerning their individual life and also have not exposed a lot in the public sphere. Josh still seems to stay in Los Angeles, where he possesses as well as operates the Modeling Agency Preview Models and is even the CEO and also Co-Founder of the giveaway service Cre8luck.

Moreover, viewers must keep in mind that while Josh and Natalie show up flawlessly happy in their respective lives, neither features the other on their social media accounts. Aside from unfollowing each other on social networks, Josh and Natalie do not appear to engage much in public. While on the show, Josh did not appear satisfied with Natalie however was instead discouraged with having to deal with her inconsistent behavior. The US citizen still appeared to have feelings for his ex, Candice, and also she mentioned that Natalie wasn’t the sort of ladies Josh would usually date.

Besides, watching Josh’s interactions on the program makes it quite apparent that he does not have an intimate bond with the Ukrainian citizen. While such indicators make us think that Josh and Natalie aren’t together, sources have connected Josh with Jenn Davis, the sister of ’90 Day’ star Elizabeth Potthast. Still, we would ask for readers to take such assumptions with a grain of salt as nothing has actually been confirmed as of.

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