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Are Noel Allen and Jazmin Potts Still Together? Cosmic Love Update

The show primarily revolves around 4 individuals or components that are on an objective to locate their excellent partners from a group of sixteen eligible singles. Herein exists the catch as the “Astro Chamber” guides the components on their journey by advising them and also revealing their ideal suits.

Remarkably, Noel Allen, that stood for the water element in ‘Cosmic Love’ season 1, exposed that a severe relationship had avoided him for virtually 3 years. With video cameras currently turned away, we decided to jump in as well as locate out if Noel and also Jazmin are still together.

Noel and Jazmin P’s Cosmic Love Journey

While on the program, Noel disclosed that he had actually been disloyal in partnerships previously and had actually even ripped off on the one woman he had his heart set on. Incidentally, the “Astro Chamber” also exposed Jazmin P. to be Noel’s first ideal match, and this time, the Tampa homeowner got off on the ideal foot. Remarkably, it did not take long for Noel as well as Jazmin P. to obtain comfortable with each other, and also rather soon, the 2 were dreaming of taking their partnership to the following level.

Even though Noel showed up pretty invested in Jazmin P, the “Astro Chamber” maintained doing its task as well as disclosed his other ideal suits, particularly Theresa Vongkhamchanh, Jasmine Rodulfo, and Morgan Raphael. The Tampa-based personal trainer never ever seemed interested in pursuing romantic connections with Jasmine R. and also Morgan, he did appear reasonably into Theresa. Nonetheless, considering that the program had no restrictions on whether the participants might date each other, Theresa quickly located herself gravitating toward Darren Hopes and also drew the line at various other connections. Noel did not seem to provide much thought to his other suits given that he and Jazmin P. were already dreaming of a better future. In fact, he also ended up proposing to her once the moment felt right, and both were comfortably accepted by each other’s liked ones before finishing the season by obtaining married in a stunning ceremony.

Are Noel Allen and also Jazmin Potts Still Together?

Unfortunately, both Noel and Jazmine are rather keen on their personal privacy and have not revealed much about their present partnership standing. However, unless we are very mistaken, current growths do indicate that both are still together. Interestingly, neither Jazmin neither Noel includes each other on their social networks accounts, and it is quite uncommon to see the two connect in public.

Still, that being said, they do adhere to each other online, which, combined with the dedication they represented on the show, along with no records on a possible break up, makes us think that they are still delighted together. However, their existing location continue to be vague as Jazmin still seems to be based out of Orlando, where she makes money as a beautician, while Noel is still functioning as a personal trainer out of Tampa.

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