Are Sergio and Sara Still Together, Who Likes My Follower Update

Are Sergio and Sara Still Together, Who Likes My Follower Update

Netflix’s ‘Who Likes My Follower?,’ AKA ‘ ¿ A Quién Le Gusta Mi Follower?,’ is a Spanish dating collection with an unique premise. The reality program complies with three well-known social media sites characters as they assist discover one of their followers in their quest for love. The followers are introduced to several possible companions, and also the participants should remove them one at a time in order to find their charming partner. Nevertheless, the task is much from basic, and the large variety of hopefuls is bound to cause some amusing dramatization.

Sergio Mengual and Sara are one such couple whose journey had a heartwarming closing. Provided the current launch of the show’s premiere season, followers are interested to know simply exactly how the couple is doing presently.

Sergio and also Sara’s Who Likes My Follower Journey

Sergio was one of the 3 fans who entered the program with hopes of locating an enchanting companion and also was mentored by the sensational Jenet. When host Luján asked Sergio what he would like to do with the individual he super-liked, Sergio said he wanted to play a game where if Sara said “yes” to any of his concerns, she had to offer him a peck.

However, Sergio fooled Sara by asking if she recognized the video game, to which Sara responded in affirmation, which ended up costing her the game. Despite this, Sara rejected to follow through on her end of the deal as she believed that Sergio had not deserved it. During the following group day to the fitness center, Sergio took Paula right into the lockers for a private conversation, which troubled Sara and also the other women. Sara ended up disrupting their discussion, as well as after some time, it was she and also Sergio that were alone in the storage lockers, though Sara still did not kiss him.

After the photoshoot task, Sergio ended up falling for Sara’s confidence as well as made a decision to go on a tiny day in the dressing room with her. Throughout the elimination, Sergio once more super-liked Sara. This accompanied Sergio’s efforts to leave his old methods behind and embrace his supposed “loveboy” side with the help of Jenet. After this, Sergio’s interactions with Paula raised, leaving Sara puzzled concerning her location in his circle. Things escalated when the program moved area to Benidorm, Spain, and saw the return of Ángela, who was removed in the second episode of period 1.

When he revealed support to Ángela, Sara was as soon as again incensed regarding just how much she meant to Sergio. When Jenet asked Sergio who he would certainly wish to handle a getaway date with, he chose Paula, much to Sara’s rage. Nevertheless, when Sergio said that he intended to do the fake proposition job with Sara since he had actually not been able to hang around with her, she refused him claiming she did not want to hang out with him out of pity.

During the last eliminations, Sergio chose Sara to be his final enchanting day, much to her surprise. During the day, the two had an impressive time together, with Sara marveling over his development on the program. When the time came for Sergio to choose between Paula and Sara, he opted for Sara as he had a much better link with her. Both of them were rather satisfied to be together, with Paula wishing them the best. So have both remained strong considering that their time on the show or have they divided apart? The good news is, we have the answers.

Are Sergio and also Sara Still Together?

As of writing, the details of Sergio as well as Sara’s connection are under wraps which might be because of the current release of the Netflix collection. Both are undoubtedly adhering to each other on their social networks platforms, which suggests the possibility of an amicable connection between the two. This is most likely to provide those favoring both high hopes relating to the current nature of their relationship.

Presently, Sara is working as a Fashion Model as well as has an outstanding complying with on Instagram and also TikTok. Sergio, also, is functioning as a social media influencer, though his visibility is bigger on TikTok than it is on Instagram.

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