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Aremu: Crew visit Obasanjo ahead of play release

By Sampson Unamka

THE crew of ‘Aremu,’ a biopic on ex-president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, have paid a courtesy call to the film’s main character.

Joseph Edgar, the biopic’s executive producer, and director, Prof Ahmed Yerima, led the film’s production team as well as the lead character, Yemi Shodimu, to the Presidential Library in Abeokuta to make the courtesy call.

Obasanjo was visibly excited at the visit and gave his full support to the project explaining the need for these stories to be told and retold especially to the younger generations as we continue on the path to national reawakening.

‘Aremu’ already had its command performance in March 2019 in Abeokuta with Governor Dapo Abiodun Executive Governor Ogun State leading his cabinet and other prominent Nigerians to see the play.

‘Aremu’ is a carefully designed theatre Production that depicts the life and times of Chief Obasanjo. The play takes its trajectory from his humble birth and leads the audience through his life touching on the civil war but spends considerable time on his fight against apartheid and then climaxes at his release from prison and eventually enthronement as president.

The very rich cultures of the Yorubas especially in the Owu subculture are in the rich display as this forms the mantle the story is built upon. In expertly curated song and dance routines, audiences will see the vibrant culture and tradition as it guides the life of one of the most influential Africans.

‘Aremu’ would be showing at the Glover Memorial Hall this August to the public.

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