Arthur Butch Schafer: Where is Assistant Attorney General Now?

Arthur Butch Schafer: Where is Assistant Attorney General Now?

Apple television+’s medical dramatization ‘Five Days at Memorial’ revolves around the discovery of 45 bodies in Memorial Medical Center after Hurricane Katrina as well as the occurring flood. Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. designates Arthur “Butch” Schafer, an Assistant Attorney General operating in Louisiana’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, to examine the fatalities.

Schafer coordinate with Special Agent Virginia Rider to examine the fatalities, which unravels the truth behind what really happened in the Memorial hospital structure throughout and after the all-natural calamity. Given that Schafer spearheads the investigation, the visitors have to be eager to figure out whether the personality has a real-life equivalent. On that particular note, let us aid you locate the response!

Is Arthur “Butch” Schafer Based on a Real Assistant Attorney General?

Yes, Arthur “Butch” Schafer is based upon an actual individual that worked as an Assistant Attorney General at the time of Hurricane Katrina as well as the flooding. When Schafer was assigned to check out the Memorial deaths, he was mourning the fatality of his daughter Shelly with his partner, Linda. He signed up with Virginia Rider, a special agent that also worked with him in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, to explore the accusations against Dr. Anna Pou, specifically that she provided morphine when “it showed up that the clients might not be efficiently left,” according to Sheri Fink’s eponymous book, on which the show is based.

When Schafer and also Rider fell short to garner records concerning the deceased clients from Tenet– the company that had Memorial– they drove to Memorial themselves, yet they were not enabled to go into the hospital. Their examination led them to several LifeCare staff members, that exposed Dr. Anna Pou’s claimed involvement in the fatalities of the LifeCare people. Schafer had to accumulate physical proof to move onward with the case. A search team was formed, as well as Schafer as well as Virginia searched Memorial after obtaining a warrant.

After the search, Schafer as well as Rider additionally spoke with the households of three dead LifeCare patients. Meanwhile, Schafer also familiarized that morphine was identified in the carcass of 9 LifeCare people. He needed to function tirelessly to collect proof in the event. Originally, it was challenging for him and Virginia to locate more details concerning the nurses who were with Pou. At the same time, he likewise had created “Katrina cough,” perhaps as a result of his searches in Memorial without masks. He also shed his father-in-law while the investigation was progressing.

Schafer took care of these difficulties and eventually prepared enough documents, including toxicology records, medical records, and postmortem examination records, to move on with the murder situation of four LifeCare patients. In July 2006, Dr. Anna Pou and Memorial registered nurses Cheri Landry as well as Lori Budo were jailed and also charged with four counts of being a principal in a second-degree murder. The testimony Virginia prepared prior to the arrests included details she and also Schafer gathered by talking to 4 LifeCare employees named Diane Robichaux, Therese Mendez, Kristy Johnson, and also Steven Harris.

Where is Arthur “Butch” Schafer Today?

After the apprehension of Dr. Anna Pou, a grand court was sworn in to consider her instance, as well as Schafer summarized the case to the jurors as the lead prosecutor. The grand court, nevertheless, did not prosecute Pou. As per Sheri Fink’s book, Schafer “did not believe justice had reached its end in the case.” “He [Schafer] understood what had really happened at Memorial. Whether anyone else understood it was not his worry. As a district attorney, you found out that most of the people you brought to trial would not be condemned. You could not spend your life sulking about it,” Fink blogged about Schafer in her publication.

Schafer is currently functioning as a lawyer in the city of Lafayette in southerly Louisiana, where he apparently likewise copes with his other half, Linda Schafer. He is no more an Assistant Attorney General. Years after the Memorial case, Schafer had to get treated for a possible lung infection and also he eventually got recuperated from the exact same.

Schafer considers his participation with the show a “big chance” for him. He is not keen on reviewing or experiencing again the days linked with the Memorial situation.

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