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Artistes are now more adventurous with music, says Ogboruche

Mr. Timothy Ogboruche, leader and financier of Tehilla Crew, a gospel musical group, believes music acts of the recent generation are more adventurous with music.

Ogboruche, who has staged a concert in various parts of the world, said the advancement in technology has contributed largely to the styles, qualities, and genre of music currently available.

“Technology has made the world fit right in the palm of your hand. This has affected the music scene positively as there is now more interest in exploring various styles, quality, and genres of music. All in all, I will say that artists are more adventurous now with music and it’s interesting to see the growth emanating from this,” he said.

Continuing, Ogboruche implied that the Nigerian gospel singers are shaping the sound of the genre saying, “Gospel music is a message. It’s interesting to see this message expressed in various forms across the globe. Nigeria is a voice in shaping the sound of the present and the future.

The one-time gospel music act explained the reason for quitting singing to leading a gospel group. “Well, I decided to step behind the scene and focus on using my resources, influence, and experience in supporting talents to take the gospel through music to the needs of the earth. I still sing but not as an artist anymore.”

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