Ashley Reeves: Where is the Survivor Now?

Ashley Reeves: Where is the Survivor Now?

Life time’s ‘Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story’ is a film that narrates the phenomenal real-life story of a regular young adult whose whole world shook up in the springtime of 2006. Ashley remained in a secret romance with an older man around that time, which brought about her practically shedding her life at the age of 17. With the help of investigatives as well as friends, there was soon no mystery surrounding what took place to her, and also her strength, courage, and stamina ended up being the focus of her story. Now, allow’s locate out more about her, shall we?

That is Ashley Reeves?

Coming from a town called Millstadt in Illinois, 17-year-old Ashley Reeves was a Columbia High School junior with a constant partner called Jeremy Smith in 2006. Having actually been with each other for two years, they were very close, and also he liked just how funny as well as brilliant his sweetheart was. Ashley did well in institution too, however she still couldn’t wait to finish the list below year. Her parents, sis, and good friends were constants in her life, yet every one of them were not aware that the teenager would certainly quickly face the unthinkable. She handled to endure and also prosper.

On April 27, Ashley left her household house at 3:30 p.m. for a work meeting in a neighboring city, telling her moms and dads that she would certainly play basketball after that and also be back by her 10 p.m. time limit. The night came and went, and there were still no indications of Ashley around.

Determined for information, Ashley’s mommy called the telephone company and procured her documents, which she utilized to find out if anybody else learnt through her little girl. This pointed her to 26-year-old Samson Shelton, that said that he had not spoken with or seen Ashley. However prior to any individual can ask exactly how he also understood her, he hung up. It then emerged that Samson, a driver’s ed and also gym coach that had actually instructed Ashley in intermediate school, was her older boyfriend. He also resided in Belleville, right where the teenager’s vehicle was uncovered, leading him to come to be the prime suspect.

The adhering to early morning, Samson was doubted for around 12 hrs prior to he admitted to reconnecting with Ashley in February 2006, being intimate with her, as well as discussed what had actually ensued. He originally declared that he attempted to break up with his more youthful girlfriend, after which she began shrieking as well as kicking, yet it was the other way round. After Ashley tried to break up with Samson, he dragged her into the trees of a park, choked her with his bare hands, and afterwards used his belt to continue until he listened to a fracture. He aided authorities locate her, however 30 hrs had actually passed.

Where is Ashley Reeves Now?

When police policemans saw Ashley Reeves existing on her back in the cold dust, her hands up to her upper body, her tongue sticking out, and also hundreds of insect bites covering her body, they were certain that it was also late. Ashley still had to spend months in clinical and rehab facilities to re-learn exactly how to stroll, speak, ingest, and also do day-to-day tasks.

At some point, Ashley achieved a near-complete healing and likewise finished high institution in 2007, with her original class. True to this statement, Ashley has since preferred to live her life away from the spotlight. Thus, all we know is that she began volunteering at a center for violence prevention and is now holding a steady job with two children that keep her world bright and content.

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