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Attack on Titan: Director reveals news about the final arc of the anime

Despite the end of the original manga work, Attack on Titan is still firm and strong in the hearts of fans of the anime adaptation. Part 3 of the “Final Arc” will be released in 2023, ending for good (until a spinoff arrives) the saga started almost 10 years ago.

Capitalizing on the community’s excitement over the anime’s ending, Attack on Titan sound director Masafumi Mima has revealed a little information about the series.

Although little, the director’s small message brings an update on the progress of the final episodes of the anime. According to the audio director, he works on the acoustic details for the last season of Attack on Titan.

In many animation projects, this part is one of the last to be worked on. Usually after completing basic animation and voice acting.

The Final Arc is highly anticipated by the fan community. Not just for bringing a conclusion to the Titans Saga, but for the possibility of changes in relation to the end of the manga version. A large portion of readers did not like the end of the work, even generating an apology from the creator, Hajime Isayama.

The apology for the ending of the manga took place publicly during the Anime NYC 2022 event. At the time, the author was moved by the positive and warm reception from the public. Check out details about the formal apology here .

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