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Audrey Wright: Where is OneTastes Ex-Member Now?

With ‘Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste’ discovering the power of climaxes from every imaginable angle, we obtain a true understanding into the means either utopia or hell can arise based on how it’s wielded. Previous OneTaste participants hence play a considerable function throughout this Netflix original, specifically as they’re the ones that experienced the whole fluctuate of this sexual wellness company first-hand. Amongst them is none other than Audrey Wright– so now, if you wish to read more about her, her experiences in the establishment, in addition to her current standing, we’ve got you covered.

Audrey Wright’s OneTaste Journey

As a queer lady who undoubtedly battled with the social stress only to be manly or womanly when she was more youthful, Audrey’s confidence as well as for this reason her total sex obtained affected a whole lot. It was “shy and also shy” rather than open, spicy, as well as obscene, which naturally, frustratingly typically left her food craving for even more before prompting her to unfurl in every sense of the term. That’s the driving factor behind her joining OneTaste– a mainly female sexuality-driven organization developed by Nicole Daedone and also Robert Kandell back in 2004– as a participant in 2010.

” Over the program of my four years living and also functioning at OneTaste,” Audrey candidly stated in the feature-length docudrama. “I became extra relaxed and social in a way. And I believe individuals might see it. I ended up being all right with men offering me focus at work, I came to be friendlier towards them, and also my profession took off. I presume I owe that to learning a whole lot about males at OneTaste. They were really encouraging us to see the soft, sensitive, emotional sides of guys.”

Audrey also acknowledged that the service was not always this means; there were some negative extremities as well, especially with there being little to no boundaries in between anyone entailed. There were direct orders to engage in sexual acts with consumers, supervisors, and also coworkers alike, as per her very own account, as well as a feeling of assistance toward physical/sexual physical violence.

Where is Audrey Wright Now?

From what we can inform, Audrey Wright currently stays in the wondrous Northern Californian town of Oakland, where she remains to act as a Freelance Video & Lighting Consultant. The professional had actually graduated with a Bachelor’s level in Cinematography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2009, adhering to which she started her real job at ODC Theater as well as OneTaste. She later on additionally did a brief stint as a Production Specialist at Samson Speaking, all the while meddling Lightening Design.

Sadly, we do not know much concerning Audrey’s individual standing at the moment considering that she apparently favors to keep a low profile, however we do recognize she totally considered OneTaste a cult. She claimed in the documentary, “the times that I’ve gone back; it’s like I recognize I was in a cult since I immediately feel like I’m back residence and also I want to stay there permanently … [ Yet] they never ever cared about me.”

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