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Avatar 2: Spider Scenes Were “Terribly Difficult” to Film, Says Cameron

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, James Cameron gave more details about the behind-the-scenes of Avatar: The Way of Water and revealed that some of the scenes were so difficult to film, that they had to be redone with a difference of two years between them. And they involved Spider, Jack Champion’s character.

According to the director, shooting the scenes with the humans and the Na’vi, especially those with Spider, who spends a good part of the film accompanying the natives of Pandora, was “terribly difficult”: “the advantage was that we had to shoot twice” , he said of Champion’s performance on both recordings.

Also according to what Cameron said, to film the Spider scenes, Champion had to act twice, once as a reference to part of the cast, and once to, in fact, be part of the feature.

The sequel’s impressive performance has also made possible the production of future continuations of the franchise. Still in January, Cameron had already announced that, due to the numbers of the new title, Avatar 3 would already be confirmed.

The third Avatar feature is scheduled for December 2024, while Avatar 4 arrives in 2026, and Avatar 5 in 2028.

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