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‘Avatar 2’ surpasses 2 million viewers on the 5th day of release… faster than before

‘Avatar: Road of Water’ (Avatar 2), the follow-up to the movie ‘Avatar’, surpassed 2 million viewers on the 18th, the 5th day of release.

The Walt Disney Company Korea announced that the cumulative number of viewers for ‘Avatar 2’ recorded 2,414,000 as of 7:00 am on the same day, based on the ‘Integrated Computer Network for Cinema Tickets’.

On the 17th, the first weekend alone, 828,000 people watched the movie.

Since its release on the 14th, ‘Avatar 2’ has maintained its No. 1 spot at the box office.

The Walt Disney Company said, “At a faster pace than the box office trend of the previous film ‘Avatar’, which surpassed 2 million viewers in 6 days of release, it is showing a strong box office performance worthy of a highly anticipated film around the world, revitalizing the stagnant theater district.”

The previous film ‘Avatar’, which was released in December 2009, drew 2 million viewers on the 6th day of release and 10 million viewers in 38 days, writing a record of breaking the 10 million audience for the first time in the history of a foreign film. In Korea, it has collected a total of 13.33 million viewers and is ranked 8th in the box office of all time. Director James Cameron’s ‘Avatar 2’ depicts the ruthless threat to survival, the journey to avoid it, and the battles of a family formed by Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), who became the Na’vi from humans.

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