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Bank Rio Robbery: How Much Was Stolen, Where is The Money Now

Netflix’s ‘Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist’ is a documentary movie that can just be called equal parts interesting and also amazing due to the method it charts Argentina’s a lot of well-known looting. It delves into every element of the crime– whether it be the definition, the methods, or the motive behind it– via first-hand accounts of the rather happy wrongdoers themselves. So currently, if you want for more information concerning the swiped haul, the neighborhood authorities’ recuperation efforts for it, in addition to how much the scoundrels actually made out with, we’ve obtained the crucial information for you.

Just how much Did The Thieves Steal?

It was back in September 2004 that Fernando Araujo developed the concept of burglarizing a two-story Bank Rio branch in his citizen of Acassuso, San Isidro, to supposedly explore the art of the violation. From tricking the police throughout the rip-off to developing a below ground passage for their escape to utilizing toy guns in order to make sure no harm, the artist was the one to plan/schedule all of it. A great deal of particular complex elements hence required to be thoroughly exercised, which is why he and his whole crew were just prepared to accomplish the extreme procedure on Friday, January 13, 2006.

The team stormed Bank Rio around the afternoon prior to investing hours simply “negotiating” with the police, just to disappear following a demand for pizzas and also a promise to surrender at 3:30. It was 7 p.m. when law enforcement chose to step in, but the burglars were long gone, taking with them virtually $20 million in the form of both money as well as valuables from safety deposit boxes. They ‘d cracked open 143 safes in the two hrs they would certainly allocated themselves upon safeguarding the area and captives, and after that they fled via the passage instead of their entrance point of the front entrance.

Where is The Stolen Money Now?

Among the very first (as well as last) points the team did upon reaching safety was clearly split the whole loot amongst themselves, unaware that they would certainly be arrested within mere weeks owing to an informant. However, in addition to the $938,700, 80,315, as well as EUR30,084 recouped from Beto De la Torre’s residence during his uneasiness, together with most likely smaller funds from others, a bulk stays pinched. There are in fact reports suggesting there had not been a blown-out extensive effort to legally obtain the money either since the insurance provider and also the bank had actually currently managed the scenario.

” Everyone who played a duty in this story won,” Fernando Araujo stated in the Netflix original production. “Prosecutors progressed professions, authorities policemans became detectives afterwards, and the judges were acknowledged. The targets’ insurance policy got them more than they had.

When it comes to where the cash or prized possessions are today, they’re potentially still being meticulously made use of by the team, that have naturally never ever even confessed to having anything in safekeeping. They’ve never once exposed the specific amount they managed to acquire from the task either, let alone what they did with it– that’s part of the reason this heist is called “the break-in of the century.”

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