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Barbie: Simu Liu says he regained his love of dancing thanks to the film

Star Simu Liu has actually revealed that he has found his love for dancing thanks to Barbie, the film based upon the famous doll of the exact same name. Recollecting concerning his past as a hip-hop dancer, the celebrity said he mored than happy to be recovering that side of himself.

In an interview with VanityFair, Liu exposed that supervisor Greta Gerwig was extremely delighted to discover that he had experience with dancing. This excitement infected him to the point where he really felt happy to go back to this art:

Dancing appears to play a crucial role in Barbie. In the very same meeting, Simu Liu discussed that the film makes use of among its wonderful songs scenes to share the main message of the manufacturing:

Barbie hits US theaters on July 21, 2023. Greta Gerwig guides.

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