Being articulate opens more doors than certificates – VJ Adams


Popular Television Personality, VJ Adams has said the ability to communicate easily helps in career path than just a certificate.

Adam said this during an Instagram Live video on Sunday.

He noted that a certificate might help secure a job or other formal opportunities but the ability to express oneself is a fast door opener.

“Everybody loves someone who is articulate in their team and this is regardless wherever you work. If you are articulate – you can express yourself, you can present yourself there are chances you will get a job over any other person.

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“It’s quick even if both of you can deliver at almost the same level but if you are more articulate than the other person the chances that you will get the job is high, I promise you and I am speaking from a place of experience in this business.

“I mean, in anything you do you can speak very well plus the talent you already have you are good to go. If it a factory work that deals with operating machines then nobody needs you being articulate for that but in this case, being articulate is important,” he said.

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