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Bellakath accused of plagiarism for the song ‘Gatita’

The Mexican reggaeton Katherine Huerta , better known as Bellakath , was accused of plagiarism in her hit “Gatita” , for which her song was downloaded from all platforms, however, the song is now available again on Spotify.

Through her social networks, the singer affirmed that it was “a robbery” and that she is going to file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit to recover it.

“The song ‘Gatita’ belongs to me one hundred percent, I am the author. My producer is Alexito Mix. The two of us did that song. Yesterday I received an email where someone else claimed it and supposedly the song belongs to someone else. I have it registered in the institutions and they deleted it from Instagram because someone claimed it as her property, ” Huerta said in a video posted on her Instagram account.

The controversy arose due to its resemblance to a song called ‘El Hueso de mi Perra’, performed by Sou D AK and LittleKey, which was published in 2012.


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The interpreter has denied that it is plagiarism and insists that her song is duly registered with the National Institute of Copyright.

‘Gatita’ became the most played song in Mexico and had managed to position itself at number 85 internationally as one of the most listened to.

The theme was a phenomenon on the TikTok platform , where celebrities even politicians used the song for their content.

“Mexico made it a world hit, from Mexico to the world, I don’t care about the numbers, I’m going to continue releasing more songs while I carry out this legal procedure, and even if I get it back, I don’t care anymore, I’m going to give a present. You can download it directly from my Instagram , to your phone so that Mexico continues to rumble ”, she concluded.

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