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Bem-Vinda a Quixeramobim, premieres exclusively on Globoplay

After mosting likely to the cinemas,’ Welcome to Quixeramobim’ can be viewed from this Friday, the 6th, exclusively on Globoplay.

The story of Welcome to Quixeramobim

Co-produced by Globo Filmes as well as routed by Halder Gomes, director from Ceará at the leading edge of various other successes such as Cine Holliúdy, Bem-Vinda a Quixeramobim tells the journeys of digital influencer Aimee (Monique Alfradique), a young woman in her early 30s, who sees the her life adjustments significantly after the arrest of her dad, a millionaire involved in a corruption system.

Without money and all her properties obstructed, Aimee discovers that the only way to keep her financial status is to market the ranch inherited from her mommy, situated in Quixeramobim, in the hinterland of Ceará. Ashamed to encounter the brand-new truth, she invents for her fans that she will take a “sabbatical duration” for a year.

Imaginable and a great deal of warm, she will certainly have to manage her brand-new life, with a welcoming people and also, at the same time, support the lie on socials media. “It’s an unique work since, in addition to wit, I get to explore various nuances of the character. An amusing movie, made with a lot of affection, yet which moves you and also makes you review the issue of drought in the hinterland, making use of water and also friendships”, assesses Monique Alfradique.

Winner of the Best Film by the Popular Jury and also Best Actress honors for Monique Alfradique at the 26th Infinitto Brazilian Film Festival Miami,’ Bem-Vinda a Quixeramobim’ likewise features Edmilson Filho, Chandelly Braz, Silvero Pereira, Valeria Vitoriano (Rossiclea), Falcão, among other abilities of Brazilian funny.

Actress discussed the best of the attribute on Globoplay

With its best set up for this Friday, the 6th, on Globoplay, actress Monique Alfradique talked about the arrival of the feature on streaming. Additionally, she spoke much more about her personality.

What are Aimee’s primary characteristics as well as what can the public expect from the personality?

Aimee is an electronic influencer, developed in a glass dome, ambitious as well as very materialistic. With life’s barriers, she will certainly end up humanizing herself, valuing human relationships. And all individuals she will certainly satisfy throughout this journey in the hinterland of Ceará.

Exactly how was your prep work for this work?

It was two months of immersion, in addition to being my very first time in the hinterland of Ceará. It was a fundamental amount of time for the construction of my personality as well as her link, her look with the environment. All this with the instructions of Halder Gomes, that is vibrant, enjoyable as well as sagacious, characteristics noted in the film.

Just how do you see the arrival of the movie to Globoplay?

I am very delighted with the debut on Globoplay. The film is gorgeous, as it was made with great care by the entire actors as well as supervisor.

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