Best 10 Disaster Movies on HBO Max Right Now

Best 10 Disaster Movies on HBO Max Right Now

The disaster movie category has actually been one of the most disruptive, with numerous of them producing polarising results at the box workplace and amongst critics. The style uses an upcoming disaster or disastrous occasion as a story device to check out a number of complicated interpersonal partnerships or themes. If you are an HBO Max customer looking for disaster movies on the streaming service, below is a listing of movies we feel you will certainly take pleasure in!


‘ Non-Stop’ is an activity thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The pirated aircraft setting is a disaster waiting to happen with the lives of hundreds of travelers at risk.


Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, ‘Gravity’ is a 2013 Academy Award Winning science-fiction film. It adheres to 2 American astronauts that are stranded in space after their space capsule is ruined mid-flight. The duo’s battles to make it through in space and also return to planet develop an engaging and psychologically relocating storyline. The area setup includes a brand-new flavor to the disaster motion picture category, and also powerful efficiencies from Sandra Bullock and also George Clooney include a cherry on the top.

Runaway Train

The Andrei Konchalovsky directorial ‘Runaway Train’ is a thriller film about 2 escaped prisoners that find themselves on a train speeding with snow-covered Alaska. Nonetheless, they are compelled to partner with the female assistant engine vehicle driver to save themselves and also the travelers following an incident that makes it virtually difficult to stop the train. Based upon a tale by fabulous filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, ‘Runaway Train’ is just one of the most seriously well-known movies in the disaster category.


‘ Geostorm’ is a sci-fi disaster movie routed by Dean Devlin. It informs the story of Jacob “Jake” Lawson (Gerard Butler), a satellite designer that must race against time to save the globe from a harmful storm brought on by the malfunctioning of climate-controlling satellites. While the hazard of a storm isn’t unprecedented in the disaster movie style, the partnership between Jake and also his daughter, Hannah, includes a psychological layer to the fast-paced, action-packed story. Despite unfavorable evaluations, true fans of the category will certainly locate ‘Geostorm’ amusing in its very own.


The 2nd film on this listing starring Gerard Butler ahead duty is 2020’s ‘Greenland.’ The disaster movie is guided by Ric Roman Waugh and also written by Chris Sparling. It complies with John Garrity (Butler), an architectural engineer John Garrity from Atlanta, Georgia, that finds out about a comet set to hit as well as ruin the planet. While trying to conserve the lives of billions, John needs to guarantee his family’s safety and security among administration and scientific obstacles with little time on hand. The film keeps visitors on the edge of their seats with high-stakes as well as deadly scenarios.


The movie, routed by Jan de Bont, follows all the beats of a classic disaster movie as well as features some of the visuals amongst the genre’s movies of the decade. Therefore, the “tornado” makes for a proper metaphor for the turmoil in the couple’s relationship.

Deep Impact

Directed by Mimi Leder, ‘Deep Impact’ is a sci-fi disaster film. It adheres to the USA’s efforts in preparing to conserve its residents from a dangerous comet readied to ram the planet as well as cause mass termination. All at once, a bold team of pilots start a one-way mission to damage the comet before it hits the earth’s surface. The double-edged story allows the movie to inventively discover activity and survival styles developing a memorable aesthetic experience in the process.

The Happening

‘ The Happening’ is director prized M Night Shyamalan’s attempt at the disaster movie category with Mark Wahlberg starring ahead duty. The film takes care of a mysterious all-natural disaster that creates mass self-destructions. At the same time, science teacher Elliot Moore embarks on a mission to unravel the fact behind the self-destructions to conserve his household from succumbing to the same fate.

Shyamalan brings his threatening and dark storytelling design to the tale and keeps the audiences engrossed by gradually unpeeling the enigma about the disaster, which divides ‘The Happening’ from various other films in the category. Regardless of its negative crucial function and also flawed movie script, the film provides a fresh take on a style with little extent for subversion.

San Andreas

‘ San Andreas’ is a disaster movie routed by Brad Peyton. It complies with Ray Gaines, a Los Angeles Fire Department helicopter rescue pilot that have to combat against all probabilities to rejoin and save his household in the middle of a lethal quake tearing apart the city of San Andreas. With grand activity set-pieces and also a vibrant aesthetic style, the film is a true smash hit within the disaster movie genre. Packing a star-studded actors, including the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, and Alexandra Daddario, the movie has plenty to provide customers. The stunning aesthetic impacts transport customers during a crisis circumstance as well as make them thoroughly fretted about the personalities’ fates.


‘Contagion’ is a clinical thriller film guided by Steven Soderbergh. The plot focuses on a dangerous infection that spreads with respiratory system beads and also fomites, declaring countless lives. As medical scientists attempt to get more information regarding the virus as well as its origin, mankind prepares to fight a possibly cataclysmic pandemic triggered by it.

The film changes the diaster category and comes to be a lot more realistic and provocative during the current real-world environment. Unlike other category movies, it uses viewers an open and also bleak finishing hitting home its reasonable themes.

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