Best 10 Murder Mystery Movies on HBO Max Right Now

Best 10 Murder Mystery Movies on HBO Max Right Now

When absolutely nothing goes according to strategy, you can still count on a murder mystery flick to maintain you rooting for justice. If you are looking for murder mystery films, here are some of the classics and underrated gems of the whodunit category offered on HBO Max.

The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson’s mythological thriller, ‘The Lovely Bones’ chronicles a uncomfortable and sad journey. Based on the book by Alice Sebold, the narrative focuses on a 14 years of ages woman. She gets killed, but her spirit does not leave the house. Her heart still looks for to reveal her family her awesome’s identity and also bring the wrongdoer to justice. With a great cast set with the highlight of Saoirse Ronan, the motion picture introduces an unlikely murder mystery with a motif of revenge. If you are searching for an offbeat murder mystery, this is a movie you should contribute to the watchlist.

Cop Land

All-starrer noir thriller ‘Cop Land’ marks the directorial launching of James Mangold of ‘Logan’ popularity. Garrison, New Jersey, on the boundary of New York State, is relatively a haven for curved NYPD police officers. When a neighborhood officer goes missing out on, it falls under the province of constable Freddy Heflin to examine the missing individual instance. With a star-studded actors ensemble featuring Sylvester Stallone, Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta, Robert Patrick, and also Robert De Niro, the cops corruption thriller has what it takes to make a fascinating murder mystery.


Clint Eastwood helmed the period piece mystery drama ‘Changeling,’ with a check out the globe where police is inadequate, as well as points are left to fate. At this time, a Los Angeles-based mom looks for her absent son. The cops later on find her son in Illinois, yet to her scary and also discouragement, the mom realizes the child is not her child. Authorities disregard her case as well as deem her mentally unpredictable. The mother’s only chance at discovering her child is a clergyman to uncover corruption within the division. While more of a missing individual mystery than a murder mystery, the movie shines on Angelina Jolie’s psychological performance as the mother. While the truth seems escape of reach, this is a stressful flick with surprises every which way.

Gone Baby Gone

The movie narrates an examination surrounding the missing child of Helene McCready. Total with a final twist, this is not your average murder mystery based in a country setting.

Dressed to Kill

Brian De Palma helmed the murder mystery flick ‘Dressed to Kill,’ obtaining a great deal of inspiration from Hitchcock standards to cover the story with mirrors as well as aesthetic tactics. If you occupy yourself with the reason behind the murder extra than the identity of the killer, this is a movie you must add to your watch checklist.

The Batman

The narrative adheres to the development of a brand-new bad guy in the city of Gotham that goes by the name of Riddler. While the killer takes his target one after an additional, he leaves a couple of clues for Robert Pattinson’s Batman. And thus, the worth of the superhero motion picture as a murder mystery might amaze you.


Christopher Nolan’s treatment of the mystery thriller motion picture ‘Insomnia’ is perhaps the least natural as well as most climatic, as well as the tone flawlessly matches the murder mystery atmosphere. Al Pacino’s large city detective heads to a tiny Alaskan town to check out the murder of a teen. At the same time, it’s freezing and mostly daytime cold in Alaska, and the detective discovers it difficult to sleep. The awesome leaves ideas to ridicule him, and also as his insomnia overwhelms him, the narrative heads towards a destined discovery. If you are seeking an ambient murder mystery, this is a flick you need to see.

Mystic River

Clint Eastwood reached the elevations of his directorial potential with ‘Mystic River,’ a dark as well as brooding neo-noir criminal offense thriller. After the death of Katie, the daughter of Jimmy Markum, regional law enforcement officer Sean Devine and Sergeant Whitey Powers investigate the criminal activity in a village. In the examination, they discover dreadful tricks that remind them of an event from twenty-five years earlier. A film with enormous power comes from a supervisor that channeled his feelings toward the disaster of the original material with a hypnotic lens. If you can withstand the effect, this motion picture is a heart-shattering exploration of grief as well as trauma.

In the Heat of the Night

Norman Jewison helmed ‘In the Heat of the Night,’ a tight murder mystery likewise revealing the undertones of racism in the Antebellum south. Investigator Virgil Tibbs explores the murder of a business person in Mississippi, but the investigation is far from smooth. On the contrary, the detective has to challenge bigotry from the local individuals of the south, including the law enforcement authorities. While the flick is a mystery thriller, the supervisor championed characters over a story, marking a very early success in the blaxploitation category sector.


Akira Kurosawa’s skillful narration technique makes the mystery thriller flick ‘Rashomon’ among the lasting artefacts of film background. By chronicling the story of a male’s murder as well as the rape of his better half via 4 accounts varying a lot from each various other, the movie investigates the subjective as well as fleeting nature of reality itself. Be it for the set style or the immersive efficiencies, the essentially black funny movie came to be influential sufficient in pop culture to give rise to a phenomenon after its name. The Rashomon effect delineates how the brain produces memory as a result of previous experiences as well as internal prejudice. Still, if you are trying to find the awesome’s identification, you should watch the timeless until completion.

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