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Best 7 Time Travel Movies You Must See

Comedies, melodramas and action films about what can (and cannot) be changed by going into the past and the future.

1. Future Boyfriend / About Time

Young guy Tim (Donal Gleason) learns that all the men in his family have the gift of time travel. He decides to use this unique ability to change his life.

A romantic and emotional film by Richard Curtis – director of Love Actually and Rock Wave, screenwriter of Bridget Jones’s Diary, Notting Hill and Mr. Bean.

The main female role in this film went to Rachel McAdams and it seems that the actress is very fond of movies about time travel. She also starred in Doctor Strange , The Time Traveler’s Wife and Midnight in Paris . They are also excellent, we recommend to look.

2. Butterfly Effect

Mark Evan (Ashton Kutcher) is the son of a psychopath. From his father, the hero adopted a strangeness: he does not remember many episodes of his life in which misfortunes happened to him. On the advice of a doctor, he keeps diaries in which he writes down all his memories, and, rereading them, can return to the past.

The plot and some details of the picture refer us to the story of Ray Bradbury “And Thunder Came.” In it, a person travels through time and accidentally steps on a butterfly in the past. Returning to his time, he sees that the world has changed beyond recognition. The same theme is played out in the film.

The script for The Butterfly Effect interested Ashton Kutcher so much that he took over as producer and invested his own money in the project. The picture has two sequels, but they are much inferior to the 2003 film. They also shot several alternate endings for the film.

3. “12 Monkeys” / Twelve Monkeys

An incurable virus has wiped out most of the world’s population. Prisoner James Cole (Bruce Willis) travels back in time to find the source of a terrible disease and save humanity.

“12 Monkeys” is inspired by the 1962 French short film “Runway”, which is filmed in the technique of a photo novel, when one shot replaces another on the screen. We advise you to look at it.

Bruce Willis in the title role and Brad Pitt as a mental hospital patient are at their best here. Moreover, Pitt received the Golden Globe and Saturn for Best Supporting Actor.

4. Edge of Tomorrow

Aliens have invaded Earth and humans are powerless against them. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) dies in battle, but is caught in a time loop. Now he is forced to participate in the same battle day after day – and die over and over again.

The film is based on the novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaki. The familiar story about the time loop from Groundhog Day (more about it below) is played out in a very original way. There is spectacular action, fantastic costumes and a talented cast. In 2019, Warner Studios began work on a sequel, but a release date has yet to be announced.

5. “Interstellar” / Interstellar

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) goes on a space odyssey in search of a planet suitable for human life. But space and time in space operate in such a bizarre way that you can overcome decades in a few minutes and even get into another dimension.

A stunningly beautiful, deep and gripping film by Christopher Nolan with a talented cast and music by Hans Zimmer. One of the best paintings of our century.

6. Back to the Future

17-year-old high school student Marty McFly travels back 30 years in the DeLorean, a time machine invented by his friend Doc Brown. Going back to the future is not so easy.

An Oscar-winning adventure comedy by Robert Zemeckis, a classic of science fiction that generations have grown up with. The film , or rather a trilogy ( Back to the Future 2 , Back to the Future 3 ), is about growing up, moral choice, fathers and children, which both adults and children will love.

7. Groundhog Day

Phil Connors gets caught in a time loop and forced to re-live the same miserable day. The only thing he dreams about now is that the calendar shows a different date.

A cult comedy about the search for the meaning of life with a not-so-fun context. Groundhog Day has spawned dozens, if not hundreds of films that play with this theme in different ways, and has itself become an absolute classic.


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