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“Beto” De la Torre: Where is Bank Rio Robber Now?

Netflix’s ‘Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist’ is a documentary that can only be described as equal components frustrating and gripping owing to its assessment of an Argentinian coup unlike any other. It information the notorious Friday the 13th, January 2006 robbery of a Bank Rio branch in Acassuso, San Isidro, through unfiltered first-hand accounts of the honored criminals themselves. Amongst them was Rubén Alberto “Beto” De la Torre (also known as The Thug)– so now, if you desire to learn more regarding him in addition to his total standing these days, we’ve got you covered.

That is Alberto “Beto” De la Torre?

Although Constitución-born Rubén Alberto “Beto” De la Torre attended a catholic institution up until he was around 12, his laid-back wrongdoings took a really radical turn as soon as he left the establishment. “I ‘d go out and get into mischief with good friends, that were also fairly like me,” he stated in the initial. “It all started as an experience. Later it came to be a habit, and then I started swiping.” Nevertheless, his succeeding stint behind bars simply led him to get involved in a gang, suggesting he swiftly proceeded to armed robberies along with kidnappings for ransom money. “It becomes acquired behavior; theft as well as criminal offense.”

Beto had in fact invested nearly twenty years of his 52 years in prison by the time of that fateful January morning, per the movie, and also his links are how he would certainly obtained associated with the top place. He was amongst the initial to be hired for the work, the first to walk right into the scene, as well as the initial to be nabbed as well considering that it was his then-wife Alicia di Tullio who turned the entire gang in. Some concepts recommend her activities were a direct result of his alleged cheating as well as plan to run away with his girlfriend, whereas he urges it was just adhering to a fight over her using the haul quite freely.

Where is Alberto “Beto” De la Torre Now?

With Alicia turning into a source along with the 938,700 dollars, 30,084 euros, and 80,315 pesos recuperated from their home, Beto’s hand in the “robbery of the century” ended up being indisputable. With the lawful procedures apparently radiating a light upon his past, along with his brief mood, with witness statements, he was eventually sentenced to 15 years behind bars in 2010. He in fact received the harshest sentence out of anybody in the team, consisting of mastermind/artist Fernando Araujo, yet a charm reduced it to 12 1/2 years, as well as he was released after 8 1/2.

When it comes to his current whereabouts, apart from the fact that Beto shared part of his story in the journalistic book ‘Robbery of the Century: The Secret History,’ it feels like he’s also an ambitious actor. The former cellular phone shop proprietor may be nearing his 70s right now, yet he still shows up fairly active. He thus took care of to land not only a noteworthy role in a miniseries called ‘Un Gallo Para Esculapio’ (‘ The Cockfighter’) but also a cameo in the 2020 flick ‘El Robo Del Siglo’ (‘ The Heist of the Century’).

In addition, we should state the Netflix production suggests the Buenos Aires ex-criminal currently works as an advocate for those like him. Beto is kind of proud of the burglary by itself, yet he yields, “no quantity of money can pay for the moment I lost. In the span of a year, I can do a great deal of things yet secured; I’m worthless. I can not do anything. You look back at the time you lost, banging your head versus the wall surface, desiring retribution, as well as getting let out, just to get secured up once again. You add up the years, as well as you shed your entire life to this. I can say it had not been worth it.”

” I regret what I did in the criminal offense, but I am not sorry for who I am,” Beto when told Infobae. “And the burglary of the century was unbelievable because we were a strong group and it was my dream retired life. After that, unexpected points pertained to my mind, like many individuals greeting me since we defeated, somehow, the power of a bank.”

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