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Betsy Wandtke: Where is Greg Owens Ex-Girlfriend Now?

Betsy Wandtke mored than happy to have discovered a person she could rely on and be with after a challenging separation. By December 2014, his lies came to the fore, finishing in a shootout in an additional state. Betsy after that learned that Gregory Owens, the man she liked, was never honest with her. He was ultimately imprisoned for attempting to kill his other half, Rachel Owens. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Intruder’ has Betsy discuss exactly how her connection with Greg untangled. So, let’s find out even more regarding her after that, shall we?

That is Betsy Wandtke?

Betsy was born and elevated in Wisconsin, and also at the time, she was staying in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. At some point in 2006, her marital relationship of over two decades began falling apart and resulted in a splitting up. During a trip back from a business journey, she discovered Greg Owns, that paid for her excellent upgrade so they can talk. According to Betsy, the two got along well as well as discussed how their marriages failed.

When Betsy as well as Greg started dating, she thought that he was separated from Rachel and also they would be obtaining separated. As per the program, Greg informed Betsy that he would certainly examine up on Rachel from time to time since of her health problem; she had actually been detected with mental deterioration.

Betsy later on affirmed, “There was constantly something turning up that he would need to take off.” She additionally talked about numerous lies that Greg told her about traveling to various nations for secret goals and also declare divorce from Rachel. The authorities thought that he hung out with both ladies, often keeping up to 10 days at a time in Oshkosh with Betsy. Unbeknownst to Rachel, Greg led a secret life for many years, taking a trip with Betsy and also developing a social circle in Oshkosh. In November 2014, Greg informed Betsy he was to leave for Pakistan to rescue some contract employees.

On December 3, 2014, Betsy obtained unexpected phone calls from Greg where she could hear him state “Rach” as well as buy fast food. Still, Greg persuaded Betsy that he did take a trip overseas for work. Greg also invested New Year’s Eve with Betsy as well as informed her that he was in Afghanistan for an objective as well as was not talked to by the authorities after the capturing.

Where is Betsy Wandtke Today?

Many thanks partially to Betsy Wandtke’s statement, Greg Owens was put behind bars for the assault at the house in Saco, Maine. Betsy has worn a number of hats, working as an EMT, firefighter, as well as even a bodybuilder.

Betsy has actually additionally been utilized as a consultant and functioned as an advisor for youngsters getting into hunting. She presently stays in Oshkosh and also is a realty representative aside from owning as well as running the Warrior Princess Training Academy, a location where women can learn protection. The granny seems to be enjoying life after recouping from surgery recently as well as spending time with her family.

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