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Beverly Ayinde and Aziza Kibibi: Where Are Aswad Ayinde Wife and Daughters Now?

ID’s ‘Evil Lives Here: One of His Women’ is an episode that narrates the horrific story of Aswad Ayinde, a once-respected music video director that ended up being a manipulator, attacker, as well as incestuous pedophile. He repetitively raped, abused, as well as manipulated his wife and also daughters for regarding 2 years, only for his transgressions to catch up with him for great in the mid-2000s. It was really a number of Aswad’s victims/survivors that took care of to discover an escape and report his offenses, so now, if you wonder to recognize even more regarding them, right here’s what we understand.

Who Are Aswad Ayinde’s Wife as well as Daughters?

Despite The Fact That Aswad Ayinde was wed to Beverly Ayinde for a long period of time, with whom he fathered a total of 9 children, consisting of a couple of daughters, he also dipped his toes outside and also had countless extramarital affairs. In other words, not only was the New Jersey indigenous making love with his wife while apparently molesting five of his daughters, yet he also spawned and also had mistresses 12 additional children with 3 different ladies, according to court records. That’s not including the six kids he sired with his 3 little ladies from around the 1980s to the very early 2000s.

From what we can tell, Beverly as well as Aswad split ways in 2002, with her obtaining protection of their kids. She as well as Aziza Kibibi, his 2nd little girl, only got in touch with the authorities a couple of years later on– once they acknowledged that Aswad’s young daughters with various other females were additionally in threat of experiencing his abuse. When the moment came for this situation to go to court, both these ladies indicated against him, clarifying the physical beatings as well as the sexual encounters in addition to why they never came forth previously. The court papers also detail exactly how Aswad never ever allowed his youngsters study past a particular age or have social communications.

The most regrettable element problems Aziza’s youngsters with her dad, particularly as two out of four were identified with Phenylketonuria, a hereditary problem that can trigger brain damage as well as hamper the damaging down of amino acids. Aswad proceeded to try and fertilize his girls since he desired to develop “pure” family bloodlines, as per Beverly. “He said the world was going to end, and also it was simply mosting likely to be him and his offspring which he was selected.” She additionally testified that she “was afraid to ever accuse [her then-husband] of being lunatic or being a pedophile … due to the fact that it would result in a beating.”

Where Are Aswad Ayinde’s Wife and also Daughters Now?

Back in 2013, Aswad Ayinde was handed a 50-year sentence after being found guilty of sexually assaulting Aziza Kibibi in between the ages of 8 and also 22, adding to the 40 years he ‘d currently obtained in 2011 for the same infraction versus another one of his daughters. Aziza was molested by her papa at 8 and also raped at 10, but she has since forgiven him for every little thing, which she explained quickly after his sentencing hearing. “I still have compassion for him, as well as I sympathized with him when he appeared,” she told “But I comprehend that he did this to himself.”

Pertaining to where they are today, while Aswad’s former companion and most of his daughters prefer to avoid the limelight these days, we do know that Aziza Kibibi lives in East Orange, New Jersey, at the moment. She’s not only a pleased mother to a little brood of her own, however she’s likewise an active private identified to create a good life for them.

That’s why Aziza is the Founder and President of Precious Little Ladies Inc., a social company established to combat child misuse and also residential attack, the Owner and also Operator of a delectable edible business called Sincerely Z, as well as a Senior Producer at a media company. Her past is something she can’t ever before forget, but it’s evident that she won’t allow it hold her back either.

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