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Blue Lock Episode 7 Recap and Ending: What is Kuon’s Offer to Team V? Do They Accept It?

In the 7th episode of ‘Blue Lock’ labelled ‘Rush,’ team Z locates themselves on the edge of removal as team W has managed to get a 4-3 lead many thanks to Kuon’s collusion with them. Chigiri is battling internally as he recalls the ruthless injury that nearly finished his job and took away the self-confidence to rely on his all-natural game.

Blue Lock Episode 7 Recap

With team V leading the video game with 4 goals to 3 thanks to Kuon’s assistance, the pressure is mounting on group Z to do something in the final minutes to ensure that they do not obtain eliminated. Their opponents know whatever regarding them and also their preparation is so accurate that they do not provide any kind of room to their opponents to produce any type of opportunities.

In the meantime, Chigiri remembers just how he used to be thought about a natural born player when he was young. When he initially joined the college where the Wanima bros had been researching, Chigiri took everybody by storm since of his fantastic skills.

That was a turning point in his job as he had a hard time to mentally overcome the anxiety of getting damaged once more as well as began playing conservatively. While Chigiri is shed in ideas recalling his difficult past, the game in between team Z and also team V becomes extreme as the former is frantically attempting to rack up an objective.

Blue Lock Episode 7 Ending

After he emotionally returns to the area once again, Chigiri sees his colleagues struggling to keep up with group W that have been educated about team Z’s every formation as well as on-field methods by Kuon. He still continues to really feel an imaginary chain maintaining him bound to the ground as well as not letting him utilize his gifted legs as he utilized to before the unexpected injury a couple of years earlier. While the Wanima brothers mock him, he sees Isagi trying his ideal with only a few minutes left on the clock.

The remainder of the group is additionally looking for the group yet a possibility secrets dripped by Kuon have made it difficult for them to utilize their all-natural presents therefore opportunities of the objective look virtually next to none. At that moment, he chooses to give his all in the last couple of minutes and also rushes towards group W’s goalpost.

Isagi with his dazzling spatial awareness instantly realizes that somebody unmarked by the opponent team is running on the opposite side of the pitch parallel to him. As soon as he discovers that it is Chigiri, Isagi passes the ball asking him to reveal his weapon. Chigiri is hugely quick on his feet and easily takes the ball between the unaware defenders who have no suggestion exactly how to quit him. With his excellent dribbling combined with phenomenal on-field rate, Chigiri manages to get to the charge location with only the goalkeeper delegated outmaneuver.

Group W’s goalkeeper does the sensible thing by running towards Chigiri, he realizes that team Z’s mysterious gamer is just as well great. Chigiri takes care of to scoop the ball minutes prior to it gets to the goalkeepers’ handwear covers as well as ratings a final objective. The video game ends with the scoreboard reading 4-4, suggesting team Z’s hopes are still active provided they do some miracle versus the undefeated team V.

What is Kuon’s Offer to Team V? Do They Accept It?

After team W’s loss, the Wanima bros assault Kuon that has actually promised to assist them win the video game but fails to do so. The exact same day, he satisfies participants of team V with the promise to inform them the inner secrets of group Z given they help him qualify for the following choice via the private selection path.

For him, team V is not at all interested in discovering any type of approach or on-field techniques made use of by group Z as they are confident of defeating them on their own. Their self-belief is understandable as they are undefeated so far and have the most explain of all the other groups on the table. Team V pleasantly declines Kuon’s offer.

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