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Bob West: Where is the Barney Voice Actor Now?

Peacock TV’s ‘I Love You, You Hate Me’ is an intriguing docu-series that adheres to Barney, the pleasant dinosaur, from its conception in the mid-1980s to how it ended up being a globally sensation. Although Sheryl Leach developed him in the mid-1980s for her child, she really did not have any kind of concept concerning just how the program was about to damage obstacles and give thousands of hours of entertainment to kids worldwide. Still, such popularity rarely comes without luggage, as well as quickly Barney was subjected to huge amounts of unneeded and shocking hate that even brought about unsafe death dangers.

His excellent efficiency netted him the voice function of Barney in ‘Barney and Friends,’ and Bob asserted to have a wonderful time on set. He got caught in the middle of the hate Barney received and also detailed his experience in the Peacock Television program.

Bob West’s Barney Journey

A citizen of Finleyville, Pennsylvania, Bob West began his voice acting job in 1979, and by 1987 he had actually signed up with Chuck E. Cheese’s animatronic performance, where he voiced Pasqually as well as Jasper T. Jowls. These performances helped him go far for himself, as well as Bob ultimately found himself articulating Barney for the first time on the 1988 direct-to-video pilot collection ‘Barney as well as the Backyard Gang.’ Consequently, his efficiency as the pink as well as environment-friendly dinosaur excited all, as well as Bob was handed the voice function of Barney for the upcoming television program ‘Barney and also Friends,’ along with in spin-off shows as well as video games.

Interestingly, no person forecasted the incredible global success of ‘Barney and also Friends,’ and Bob, that made worldwide fame via the show, was thought about to be one of the most effective in his profession at that time. Discussing his experience while shooting the show, Bob claimed that working with the set was a joyous experience for the entire staff which everyone, from the makers to the stars, maintained a warm as well as pleasant connection. However, with time, the entire Barney franchise went through enormous amounts of hate, and a couple of actors members, along with their family members, obtained distressing death hazards.

Regrettably, Bob was on the receiving end of several death threats, although he always turned to generosity when taking care of such e-mails. Additionally, while speaking about his experience on the program, Bob asserted that he also got e-mails praising his efficiency and also claimed, “I obtained some really wonderful notes from kids and also I likewise got these death threats. I created back as well as the majority of them were like, ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t know there was an actual human being on the various other end.'”.

Being the kindhearted individual he was, Bob understood that most of the children who sent hate emails were dealing with some issues in their lives, and he tried to get in touch with their teachers or parents to get them help. On the other hand, Bob additionally claims to have communicated with the on-line anti-Barney group “The Jihad to Destroy Barney,” although he identifies that as a positive one. Ultimately, in 2000 he decided to step away from voicing Barney as he intended to take on new obstacles in life.

Where Is Bob West Today?

Interestingly, despite the fact that Bob left the Barney franchise business in 2000, his pre-recorded voice was still utilized in a number of episodes since then. On the other hand, besides offering his voice to commercials for leading brands like Pepsi, Frito-Lay, as well as KFC, Bob started working as a graphic developer as well as was credited for his contributions to a number of movies and television programs, including ‘Community,’ ‘Castle,’ ‘The Sweet Life,’ ‘Speechless,’ ‘The Mick,’ and ‘Single Parents,’ among others.

Bob currently appears to be leading a comfy life, as well as aside from supplying routine video clips on Cameo, he still goes to numerous conventions and also events as the voice of Barney, Pasqually, as well as Jasper. Additionally, he appeared on Peacock TV’s ‘I Love You, You Hate Me,’ where he shared his experience concerning voicing Barney as well as the fatality dangers he ultimately obtained. It honestly is heartwarming to witness Bob enjoying his life presently, and also we wish him the greatest for the years ahead.

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