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Bollywood actors, six other countries to attend Kaduna Int’l film festival

ACTORS, producers and crew members from Indian movie industry, popularly known as Bollywood and those of six other countries, are to participate in the forth Kaduna International Film Festival starting next Monday.

Other countries expected to participate in the one week long hybrid festival include Portugal, Ghana, Italy, South Africa, Kanya and the host country, Nigeria.

This was disclosed by Founder of the Kaduna International Film Festival, Audu Israel Kashim during a press conference ahead of the event in Kaduna on Friday.

Kashim who gave theme of the 4th edition of the festival as, ‘My Cultural Heritage’, stressed the importance of film to preservation and promotion of culture, as well as promotion of peace, hence the need for government to invest in the industry in the face of peace eluding Nigeria.

According to him, “at this time when peace is most needed in our dear, country, the movie industry has a key role to play. The industry does not only have the capacity to preserve culture, it promotes peace and boosts the economy.

“But, we need the government to do more by way of investing in the movie industry, by way of investing in the industry, because funding has being a major challenge in the industry in Nigeria and that has seriously limited what we can do in terms of peace and culture promotion.

“Aside peace promotion, statistics have shown us that, after agriculture, the creative industry in the next industry that contributes significantly to the GDP of Nigeria. So, the federal and state governments should team up to support the creative industry to attain its potentials,” he said.

He said, the festival which will have physical and online participants would be linking members of the Nigerian creative industry with their counterparts in six other countries to share experiences and learn from one another.

Kashim said the 4th Kaduna International Film Festival would be building on its past achievements of uniting players in Nollywood and Kanywood to linking both with their international colleagues.

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