Bonnie Contreras: Where is Bill Hall Jr’s Mistress Now?

Bonnie Contreras: Where is Bill Hall Jr’s Mistress Now?

A story of tangled personal relationships ultimately finished with Bill’s wife, Frances, and also his mistress, Bonnie Contreras, at the center of it all. Bonnie was featured on the show and also offered her variation of the events.

That is Bonnie Contreras?

Bill and Bonnie were wed for years when Bonnie Contreras came right into the picture. Bonnie stated, “I loved this guy with whatever I have. Bill paid her rental fee, purchased her 2 vehicles, and also paid for her cosmetic surgery.

Then, Bonnie intimidated to inform Frances about the event and even called the household residence. Both females proceeded texting each other, and Bonnie claimed, “I was just defending myself. And never ever when did I intimidate her. I never ever once threatened that female.” The evening prior to the occurrence, Bill spent the evening at Bonnie’s. She asserted they planned to pick up his bike from a storage space facility the following day. On October 10, 2013, they were on the roadway, with Bill on the bike and Bonnie following behind in an auto. In a twist of fate, Frances was heading house on the exact same road and also noticed them.

Frances then decided to face Bonnie. Bonnie asserted that Frances pulled up behind her and also kept ramming into her, leading her to swerve onto approaching traffic. According to Bonnie, Bill ended up between the two cars eventually. She after that asserted that Frances hit Bill and continued to seek her as he diminished the roadway. While neither of them called 911, Bonnie mentioned that she took a U-turn, with Frances relentlessly following her till they quit where Bill’s crash occurred. Frances, however, had an entirely various tale concerning the events of that day.

Where is Bonnie Contreras Today?

Bonnie affirmed at Frances’ test in 2016, however the prosecution had actually acknowledged that the evidence didn’t back up her statements. It could be self-indulgent of me to claim that because Bill is no longer here, but at the exact same token, I recognize Bill would not desire her and I to be at each other’s throats.”

Bonnie added, “I know who I am. She has considering that moved on with her life and also shows up to live in San Antonio, Texas. Bonnie has actually started a number of services and also appears to be doing well for herself.

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