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Brazilian dub of Fairy Tail gets premiere date on HBO Max

Artworks Entertainment revealed exclusively to NerdBunker this Saturday that the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the Fairy Tail anime hits streaming next Monday (9).

Initially, fans will be able to check out 72 dubbed episodes, which correspond to the first two seasons of the anime. This is the first time that the animation receives official Brazilian dubbing.

The dubbing cast includes Charles Emmanuel (Natsu Dragneel), Flora Paulita (Lucy Heartfilia), Luísa Viotti (Happy), Gustavo Nader (Gray Fullbuster), Carol Valença (Erza Scarlet), Marcelo Campos (Jellal Fernandes), Sicilia Vidal ( Wendy Marvell), Bianca Alencar (Carla) and Samira Fernandes (Juvia Lockser).

In addition, Fairy Tail will also feature localized openings and endings with Rod Rossi and Sidney Sohn Jr producing .

Check out the list of songs from the first and second seasons:

  • Overture 1 “SNOW FAIRY” by Rodrigo Rossi
  • Ending 1 “Kanpekigu No Ne” by Bruna Higs
  • Overture 2 “Sense of Wonder (SOW)” by Graça Santos
  • Ending 2 “Tsuioku Merry Go Round” by Hugo Chiaradia
  • Aperture 3 “Ft.” by Rodrigo Rossi
  • Ending 3 “Gomen Ne, Watashi” by Carol Himura
  • Overture 4 “RPG ~Rocking Playing Game” by Jonatas Carmona
  • Ending 4 “Kimi Ga Iru Kara” by Larissa Tassi
  • Overture 5 “Egao No Mahou” by Veronica Huang
  • Ending 5 “Holy Shine” by Bruna Higs
  • Overture 6 “Fiesta” by Rodrigo Rossi
  • Closing 6 “Be As One” by Alirio Netto

Finally, Artworks also launched the official Fairy Tail networks in Brazil.

Currently, the first two seasons of the anime are available on HBO, but only with Portuguese subtitles. The story follows Natsu Dragneel , a teenage mage who is looking for the dragon Igneel, and Lucy Heartfilia , a young mage who dreams of becoming a writer.

The anime aired between 2009 and 2019 and adapts the manga by Hiro Mashima , published in Brazil by JBC.

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