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Brett Goodkin Now: Where is the LAPD Officer Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist’ is a docuseries we can only describe as equivalent parts frustrating and also grasping with the means it takes a look at a fame-inspired crime spree unlike any other. It dives deep into the late 2000s star house robberies at the hands of mere teenagers– for an overall loot of over $3 million– just because they wanted to lead a luxurious life themselves. But for now, if you’re just curious for more information concerning LAPD detective Brett Goodkin along with the way he unintentionally jeopardized the State’s whole lawful instance, we’ve got the information for you.

That is Brett Goodkin?

Regardless of being a part of the Hollywood Homicide system within the Los Angeles Police Department, veteran officer Brett Goodkin was seemingly designated this break-in matter owing to its top-level victims.

Nonetheless, things transformed when Brett signed on as a paid Technical Advisor to filmmaker Sofia Coppola’s drama ‘The Bling Ring,’ specifically because the case was still recurring at the court degree. The truth he was making money (totaling $12,500, per reports) while being the district attorneys’ assigned witness as Investigative Officer impacted his entire reputation, implying the State could not continue to test. They had to “type of offer the case away” by letting several of the prosecuted criminals go on lighter fees and even lighter sentences, according to the three-part Netflix initial production.

Where is Brett Goodkin Now?

“You need to all create a thank you letter to Goodkin because his judgment is as bad as it gets,” a court honestly stated in court, attending to the lawyers of charged Roy Lopez Jr., Courtney Ames, and also Diana Tamayo. As if that’s not enough, Brett was after that formally implicated of not obtaining the proper license to be an energetic component of Sofia’s movie, for making a claimed false statement to a Deputy District Attorney about his duty in the movie, and for jeopardizing the entire instance.

The investigator likewise faced a second LAPD investigation for making unsuitable personal contact with a witness on the case; she declared he “kind of started to track me.” Brett had to stand prior to the Board of Rights to discover whether he would be discharged, suspended, deal with disciplinary activities, or be free from any kind of misbehavior in link to these matters.

From what we can tell, although it’s uncertain what the Board eventually chose, it does appear as if Brett Goodkin split methods with the Los Angeles Police Department in 2014. He then transferred to Gig Harbor, Washington (around 2016), where he remains to reside along with his big, caring family members to this particular day.

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