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Brian Britton: Where is Britton Family Killer Now?

The city of Poughkeepsie, New York, was left stunned when the Britton family, other than the daughter, Sherry, and son, Brian, were found murdered in their own home. An initial investigation made it seem like a failed robbery, but the evidence soon led the police to Sherry’s brother, Brian Britton.

That Is Brian Britton?

Brian Britton apparently shared a close bond with his family during his younger years. The show stated that as Brian stepped into his teenage years, he began exhibiting a seemingly violent nature. While it appeared quite strange, Brian seemed obsessed with guns and weapons.

Such habits estranged Brian from his family as well as drove a wedge in between them. According to the program, the young adult abhored obeying his senior citizens and also would typically participate in verbal run-ins. On the other hand, he additionally had a disdain for rules and also refused to value the limits his parents set for him. At first, Brian’s parents, Dennis and Marlene, attempted to factor with him, yet they quickly started reprimanding the teen for his activities, which additionally soured the bond. No one had an idea about the limits Brian could cross in order to get what he wanted.

When first responders got to the Britton house on March 22, 1989, they located Dennis dead in the main bedroom after being shot in the face. In the next space, authorities discovered Marlene shot dead in the upper body, while Brian’s youngest sibling, Jason, had his head squashed in from severe candid pressure trauma. Surprisingly, Sherry was also shot during the strike, however she astonishingly endured and also was quickly transferred to a local health center.

Where Is Brian Britton Now?

When Brian was no place to be discovered, the cops understood he may have been involved in the bloodbath. They did not have to wait long to interrogate him, as the suspect was located in the neighboring house, which belonged to his uncle. Originally, Brian insisted on his virtue as well as asserted he had nothing to do with the gruesome slaying. He also declared that a concealed home intruder might have broken in and also committed the murders. Nevertheless, the cops observed just how Brian stayed emotionless and nonchalant also after being notified of his family members’s death as well as knew they had to push more difficult.

Thus, with a confession on their hands, the police were able to arrest Brian and charge him with the murders of his mother, father, and younger brother. Once produced in court, Brian pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree murder and one count of second-degree attempted murder of Sherry, his sister.

While the tried murder charge netted him a prison term of 8 to 25 years, Brian was likewise sentenced to 25 years to life for each and every of the murder convictions in 1990. Nevertheless, the court ordered Brian’s sentences to run concurrently, not consecutively. Surprisingly, Brian has actually been qualified for parole since 2014 however has gotten his request rejected every single time. He remains incarcerated in the Otisville Correctional Facility in Orange County, New York, and will have his next parole hearing in May 2023.

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