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Bridger Medlin: Where is Kim Medlin Husband Now?

Kim as well as Bridger Medlin were a loving couple looking forward to setting up a comfy life on their own. But a horrific occurrence in March 1997 forever altered Bridger’s expectation. Investigation Discovery’s ‘People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the 90s: 1997: A Deadly Drive’ information exactly how Kim was pulled over by an off-duty law enforcement agent and also at some point murdered. Bridger, that was included on the program, recounted the headache. Allow’s discover out even more concerning him after that, shall we?

That is Bridger Medlin?

Bridger as well as Kim fulfilled at a hotel bar where she was a waitress, as well as he was the DJ. Quickly, the couple relocated to Monroe, North Carolina, where Bridger was birthed as well as increased.

In Monroe, Bridger and Kim got some farmland and also went around recognizing Kim’s desire of running an equine farm. According to the program, on the night of March 28, 1997, Kim was working at a club in Charlotte, North Carolina, while Bridger was away at an occasion in South Carolina.

The couple spoke to each other over the phone. The last time Bridger was in contact with Kim was around 2:45 AM on March 29, 1997, when he got back. Bridger chose to wait for his wife yet fell asleep. Kim still had not been residence in spite of claiming previously that she was nearby when he woke up. A worried Bridger called at around 3:59 AM, with a law enforcement officer answering the call; he told the caring husband the damaging news of Kim going away.

According to the program, the authorities initially looked at Bridger as a suspect, however he was quickly ruled out because surveillance and also mobile phone documents substantiated his alibi. The search for Kim ended in tragedy when her badly beaten body was located the complying with day. The investigation eventually disclosed that Josh Griffin, an off-duty law enforcement officer, drew Kim over as well as beat her to fatality, perhaps since she transformed him down.

Where is Bridger Medlin Today?

Josh’s confession years after he was imprisoned was not surprising to Bridger. He stated, “I’m pleased for his conscience that he can finally admit to it. We– the household of Kim Medlin– knew it. The just one this might help are those that lack reasonable thought and also inquiry whether he is guilty. There will be no question now.” On the program, Bridger mentioned that he has actually considering that moved on yet cherished his time with Kim. Today, he still resides in Monroe and has actually built upon their love for horses. Bridger owns a business that offers steed carriage trips and also currently deals with 15 equines. Aside from the tours, they additionally use steeds for wedding celebrations and also funeral services. Throughout his downtime, Bridger loves taking trips with enjoyed ones.

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