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Brittanee Drexel Family: Where is Dawn, Chad, Myrissa & Camdyn Drexel Now?

ABC News’ ’20/20: The Darkest Night’ concentrates on the terrible situation of Brittanee Drexel. Brittanee’s liked ones rejected to stop browsing for her for years, however the mission for her finished with the exploration of Brittanee’s remains in a wooded area.

That is Brittanee Drexel’s Family?

Brittanee was born to Dawn Drexel and also John Kahyaoglu, who was Turkish. Dawn later claimed of her little girl, “Her teeth were stunning; she constantly looked excellent. In the time leading up to the incident, Dawn had actually been married to Chad Drexel, that took on Brittanee, yet the 2 had been going through a separation.

In April 2009, Brittanee, after that 17, wanted to go to Myrtle Beach with some friends, however her moms and dads really did not want her to because there were no adults on the trip. Brittanee lied to her moms and dads and headed off to South Carolina while declaring to be in Rochester with buddies. Dawn stated that her daughter had not been doing well, offered what was happening at residence.

Within days at Myrtle Beach, Brittanee unexpectedly vanished. As soon as she quit responding, he called Dawn, and also they at some point traveled to Myrtle Beach to look for her. Upon finding out that Brittanee was missing, Chad placed up fliers as well as employed a private detective.

The investigation revealed that Brittanee disappeared after leaving a resort where a buddy remained. About 13 years later on, the family learned that her remains were discovered hidden in a woody area in Georgetown, South Carolina, with the authorities thinking that Raymond Moody, a convicted sex wrongdoer, raped and killed her around the time she went away. They felt that Brittanee entered his car voluntarily, which later became a kidnapping. Dawn specified that her daughter didn’t like walking, so she was potentially trying to find a flight.

Where is Brittanee Drexel’s Family Today?

In the time after Brittanee’s loss, Dawn moved to Myrtle Beach as well as did everything she could to locate her daughter. There, she functioned at a bug control business in addition to being a state director as well as volunteer with Community United Effort, a company that assisted with missing out on people searches. Upon Raymond’s arrest, Dawn said, “She (Brittanee) had her whole life ahead of her.

Ever since, Dawn has actually remained to be a supporter for missing persons and also utilizes her social networks to publicize any such cases. She resides in Sorrento, Florida, with David Conley; they have remained in a relationship given that September 2019. As for Brittanee’s birth father, John, he discussed reconnecting with her daughter in 2009 before she went missing, and from what we can inform, he stays in Tampa, Florida. He is wed with children.

He still lives in Rochester, has been married to Kristy Drexel because September 2015, as well as is a grandfather. Myrissa claimed in a recent meeting, “My mommy was destined to find my sibling from day one. She examined at Monroe Community College in Rochester, and it appears she still lives there.

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