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Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart are going to release a sequel to “1 + 1: Hollywood Story”

The Breaking Bad star also lamented that after the release of the original film, he received a lot of criticism.

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart are developing a sequel to 1+1: A Hollywood Story in which they starred. He himself spoke about this, becoming a guest of the Club Random podcast.

1+1: Hollywood Story came out in 2018. This tape is an American remake of the famous French comedy-drama ” 1 + 1 ” with Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy. The plot revolves around former prisoner Dell Scott ( Hart ), who has been given a job as a carer for disabled millionaire Philip LaCasse ( Cranston ). Befriending his new boss, Dell tries to give him a taste for life and show that a person can be happy, even being confined to a wheelchair. The picture grossed $125 million on a budget of $37 million and was Hart’s first major dramatic project of his career.

After the announcement of the second part, Cranston added that he received a lot of criticism due to the fact that he played the role of a paralyzed millionaire:

The actor made up for several other occasions where a healthy actor played a character with a disability, but society responded positively. For example, Al Pacino played the role of a blind retired officer in Scent of a Woman , Daniel Day-Lewis played a man with cerebral palsy in My Left Foot , and so on. However, Cranston admitted that he could never fully understand all the difficulties that people with disabilities have to face, and that he can only see their situation from the point of view of a “66-year-old white man.”


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