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Buhari to agitators, arsonists, bandits: we won’t spare you

By Alao Abiodun

President Muhammadu Buhari has said his administration will not spare those who are hellbent on destroying his administration.

He reiterated his recent riot act to arsonists, agitators and others who attack government facilities across the country.

Buhari in an exclusive interview with NTA News Network on Friday monitored by The Nation, called on Nigerians to be fair with his administration.

He also urged them to reflect seriously on the time he came onboard as President.

He said: “I want Nigerians to be fair to this administration, they should reflect seriously on the time we came in, especially relatively to the North East and the South South.. where we are now. How much were we producing and how much was the past administration producing?

“When we came, somehow the militants in the South were unleashed on this administration… So I will like Nigerians to reflect on those in terms of resources and time.”

Speaking on his recent riot act to arsonists, agitators, others who attack government facilities, he stated that his administration won’t allow confusion just like how the EndSARS protests.

He said: “How can you go to police station.. kill the police (if they are there), loot the armoury, and burn the place.. what do you want to achieve, go and open prison and allow criminals that have been tried through the legal system and let them loose on the society and then how can the Government sit and allow this confusion to be perpetrated. No Government can allow confusion.” He stated.

“Look at the EndSARS incident in Lagos, the previous governor of Lagos State bought 200 buses to complement the transportation in Lagos and he built a railway but they went there and burnt them.

“The present Governor made an album and came to see me, and I say thank you very much. I took the album and put in my archives and told him to tell the lagosians to work because we don’t have the money after an administration bought 200 buses. So let them work.”

Buhari stated his administration will go after agitators, arsonists, bandits fire-for-fire and arrest them.

He said: “I mean more than fire for fire, we will arrest them. What I hope is to arrest them, try them and give them very bad publicity and them jail them. So that people will know that if you misbehave, you won’t get away with it.”

While speaking on the allegations of double standard by not threatening insurgents and bandits, he said: “They are been unfair, they should go and ask the Governors of Sokoto, Kastina, Zamfara and find out how we have been deploying the police, military to deal with the bandits, we are not sparing anybody but Nigerians is vast, and they are a lot of forests.”

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