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Call of the Night Episode 12 Recap, Ending, Explained

In the twelfth episode of ‘Yofukashi no Uta’ or ‘Call of the Night,’ Kou begins having second ideas concerning becoming a vampire after coming throughout the vampire in his high institution. His uncertainties eventually lead him to Anko, who appears to reveal no regard for the lives of the vampires as well as considers them a threat.

After the terrifying encounter with the vampire at the school, Mahiru meets Kou to review his motivations for becoming a vampire. Although he discusses exactly how delighted he is that they got in touch once again, he likewise does not avoid slamming him for his choices. It appears that the attack has naturally shaken him up from inside and he is no more certain whether Kou needs to even be thinking about turning into a vampire.

At the same time, Kou is likewise concerned as he stresses that he might end up like the vampire in the college. He meets Nazuna and opens up regarding it. Nazuna guarantees him that he does not have to worry regarding that when he asks whether she will certainly additionally become like the vampire at college when she can not obtain sufficient blood. The eccentric duo then goes out on a stroll as well as after talking a little bit Kou enables Nazuna to drink his blood.

Because no one is at home that night, Kou takes Nazuna to his area. She wonders to get more information about him and also does not waste whenever prior to checking out every corner of his home. She after that jokes that she was looking for porn however couldn’t locate anything. Kou is quite major and finishes up showing that he is having 2nd ideas concerning becoming a vampire.

Nazuna recognizes his feeling right away and also does not try to romanticize the suggestion of being a vampire. While she mentions that the vampire life does use a great deal of flexibility, at some point it is really boring and monotonous.

Call of the Night Episode 12 Ending: Does Kou Decide to Turn Against Vampires?

When Kou as well as Anko ultimately fulfill, the last insurance claims that she understood he would ultimately call her. She begins jokingly flirting with him regarding going out with him however it’s evident that she is eager to discuss his uncertainties. Prior to that, Kou is interested to learn how much she knows regarding him. When he asks her the very same, Anko not just mentions that he grew up in a single-parent household however goes on to make fairly precise claims regarding his preferences for females as well as various other personal things.

Kou can not conceal his shock as it is evident that she understands a lot regarding him. The conversation quickly transforms towards vampires as well as Kou is curious to know whether she can really eliminate one.

Anko repeats her previous factor that he knows really little concerning vampires. Currently if he wants to end up being a vampire he must fall in love with her. This point shows up to hit Kou strongly because he understands it’s kind of real.

By getting closer to Nazuna, he currently has actually come to be a responsibility for other vampires that would not hesitate to kill him if he does not become Nazuna’s offspring. Consequently, Kou currently has a really difficult issue on his hands and also he have to decide as soon as possible prior to it’s far too late. He is confused regarding some points, before leaving he argues that vampires are not as poor as Anko is attempting to make them appear. In fact, they have a soft spot for humans and also coexist with them.

Who is Hatsuka-san? Why Does She Meet Kou?

Hatsuka-san is in fact one of the vampires who were associated with Kou’s kidnapping. At the end of the episode, when Kou is confused and also resting alone in the park, she approaches him to go over something. While the episode finishes there without offering any kind of further information, the manga does give an intriguing description. It turns out that Hatsuka-san plans to assist Kou fall in love with Nazuna to make sure that he can end up being a vampire.

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