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Call of the Night Episode 6 Recap and also Ending, Explained

In the sixth episode of ‘Yofukashi no Uta’ or ‘Call of the Night,’ titled ‘Might also Have Fun,’ Kou fulfills one of Nazuna’s customers named Kiyosumi- that share comparable rate of interests with him. When 2 guys try to flirt with the former, the adhering to night, Nazuna and Kou go to a nighttime pool yet the latter gets mad. Here’s everything you require to learn about the ending of ‘Call of the Night’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD !!!

Call of the Night Episode 6 Recap

Kiyosumi is a routine functioning lady who is lately feeling overburned by the unjustifiable expectations of his boss. As she rests alone on a bench, she instantly recalls going for a massage one evening as well as sensation great. Wishing that the place is not shut now, Kiyosumi visits Nazuna’s home, where she satisfies Kou. Kou is told by Nazuna to take care of the customer and also if does he a good task after that she would certainly give him a kiss.

Delighted by the prospect of obtaining some money for himself, Kou attempts to provide Kiyosumi an excellent massage. They gradually begin to share their ideas concerning straying alone at night and also listening to Kou lights up Kiyosumi’s eyes.

At this point, something inside Kou informs him to stop her. He is rather clear that he does desire Kiyosumi to leave for job, for some strange reason, Nazuna just throws her out of the home window.

Call of the Night Episode 6 Ending: How Does Kou Give Emotional Comfort to Kiyosumi?

After Kou as well as Nazuna save Kiyosumi from falling to her fatality from the apartment home window, they lastly have a mature conversation. Kou suggests that the night gives individuals a chance to experience real flexibility, something Kiyosumi has herself earlier confessed she believes to be real. He goes as far as disclosing that Nazuna is actually a vampire and also he prepares to come to be one. Kou declares that normal human life does not delight him and also he wishes to discover the night unconcerned concerning human constraints.

While Kiyosumi seems enjoyed learn more concerning him as well as likewise agrees with a great deal of what he needs to say, she intends to return to work as well as bring out her obligations as a grownup. Before she leaves, Kou gives her the psychological comfort that he will certainly make her a vampire as well if she ever gets also weary of carrying the burden that temporal human life enforces.

Why Does Kou Get Angry With Nazuna?

The night after Kou satisfies Kiyosumi, he reaches Nazuna’s apartment in hope of sharing an excellent time with her. After a short conversation, Kou and Nazuna make a decision to go to the nighttime swimming pool. When they ultimately obtain there, Kou is shocked to understand that the area is rather crowded.

Kou even goes as far as saying that she feels more erotic than usual even though she has dressed up quite modestly. Instead of trying to stop them, Nazuna flirts back a little knowing that Kou is watching her.

Kou neglects her information and also says that the nighttime pool was not truly a good concept as the location was also crowded. As quickly as Nazuna hears him say this, she flies him to his institution swimming pool, where both of them are alone. They appreciate each other’s business in isolation as well as Nazuna even drinks Kou’s blood. Although Nazuna at some point manages to make points alright in between the two of them, it appears that Kou’s feelings for her are expanding gradually. He obtained jealous of young boys flirting with Nazuna and was fairly mad at her when she flirted back- although only to tease him.

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