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Call of the Night Season 1 Finale Recap, Ending, Explained

In the thirteenth episode of ‘Yofukashi no Uta’ or ‘Call of the Night,’ Kou sees Hatsuka-san’s apartment where he tells him concerning Anko as well as her mystical powers. At the same time, Nazuna goes to meet her vampire frenemies to tell them to leave Kou alone even if he does not choose to become a vampire. Here’s every little thing you need to understand about the ending of ‘Call of the Night’ episode 13.

Call of the Night Season 1 Finale Recap

After meeting Hatsuka inadvertently, Kou makes a decision to accompany him to his house. When he opens the door, a few of his enthusiasts simply group near Hatsuka- hoping that they will finally get time to spend with them. After introducing Kou to them, Hatsuka asks to leave them alone as he intends to have a crucial discussion with Yamori alone.

As Kou waits in the hall, Hatsuka takes a bath. That’s when the latter telephone calls Yamori to hand him over the towel. To this factor, Kou has assumed that Hatsuka is a woman, so he is very shocked to learn that he simply dresses up as a lady to draw in enthusiasts of both genders- yet is in fact a boy.

Nazuna goes to meet Niko and other vampires with a special request. She wants them to leave Kou alone even if he does not wish to end up being a vampire. Due to the fact that Yamori had just recently revealed signs that he is not really certain concerning coming to be a vampire, she chooses to do that.

Niko is not ready to approve the brand-new demand so conveniently, as well as when she is pushed she finishes up shattering the table in front of her to pieces. She suggests that by allowing Kou to live a typical life, they will simply be putting themselves in danger. Nazuna is really changing her previous deal with them by instantly coming up with her brand-new need.

Call of the Night Season 1 Finale Ending:

Kou ultimately discusses the whole circumstance to Hatsuka-san and also states that Anko has the capacity to kill vampires. Hatsuka is shed in his ideas as well as has a hard time to completely understand Anko’s vampire-killing capability. He does describe to Kou that vampires like human beings simply like to live their hectic lives without ever attempting to discover anything regarding themselves. Consequently, there is a likelihood that none of the vampires that he knows has any kind of suggestion how Anko does what she does.

He shows the photo to Kou as well and discusses that Nazuna had possibly gone to Niko to persuade her and also others to save his life. As of currently, Nazuna is putting herself in danger by asking for special privileges so it would certainly be much better for Yamori to just allow Hatsuka turn him right into a vampire.

He plainly lacks any romantic motivations, so the chances of him falling for Nazuna are really slim. In addition, Nazuna likewise hardly knows the art of temptation, so they are in an odd circumstance where both of them make it essentially impossible for any kind of romantic partnership to establish. After discussing all of this Hatsuka says that he can control Kou’s feelings and get him to assume that he is actually crazy. Consequently, he can be become his children immediately if he wants. Kou pays attention to him thoroughly, he eventually decides to decrease Hatsuka’s lovely offer.

What Are Niko’s Conditions to Leave Kou Alone? What Does Nazuna Eventually Decide?

Just after realizing that he does not intend to fall for anyone else except Nazuna, Kou runs directly to the area where he was taken by the vampires after his kidnapping. When he finally gets to, Kou is disappointed to learn that Nazuna had already left. When he is about to pursue her, Niko mentions that she does not wish to see him. Kou is not in the state of mind to listen to any person and argues that he intends to see her no matter just how she is really feeling right now. He flees moments later on after Hatsuka-san’s arrival there.

Kou has ultimately begun looking certain once more about his strategies to come to be a vampire. He feels that Nazuna truly needs him at the moment so Kou is not prepared to let her invest the evening alone.

Nazuna hopes that Kou is not angry with her. As she tries to obtain herself a beverage, Kou unexpectedly appears next to her just as Nazuna had very first met him.

So he reveals his gratitude to her and states that they will simply be all right in the long run. The couple winds up kissing as well as it ultimately exposed that Niko actually placed an important problem for the vampires to leave Kou alone. If Nazuna does not want him to get eliminated, she should attempt her finest to make him love her. While kissing, Nazuna promises to herself as well that she will alter herself just for Kou as well as do every little thing within her power to ensure that he falls for him.

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