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Mammy Netflix it just makes me happy! the debut of Captain Nova in day April 1 mixes the best of science fiction: spaceships and time travel. Boy, I threw myself into it and I confess that the movie has already entered the list of favorites, and I didn’t imagine it would be so good!

It is no wonder that the film was awarded as the best children’s film at the Cinekid Festival. The Dutch production is totally directed to environmental issues, as it builds its plot all focused on a probable future of the planet generated by human inconsistency!

Heads up netnaija! We inform you that NO contains SPOILER and we will always be impartial in your opinion, here it is you who decides if VALLEY or NOT WORTH It’s worth seeing what we’ve reviewed!

Now come with me and let’s go back in time with Captain Nova!


The two versions of Captain Nova

In the future, in the year 2050, the Earth finds itself in another scenario, with a totally dry and desolate climate, in addition to an unbreathable atmosphere. That’s how the fighter pilot, New (Anniek Pheifer) agrees to travel back in time with a mission to prevent a devastating environmental disaster.

The first attempt it succeeds, accompanied by an AI called ADI, which monitors all your actions and commands. Upon waking up, she discovers that she has suffered a side effect of time travel turning her back into a 12 year old child (Kika van de Vijver) in 2025.

Because of this, no one can take his mission seriously, except the boy In the (Marouane Meftah) who, from the moment he rescued her, joined the two time travelers to try to stop the scientist Valk (Pierre Bokma) to carry out their plans and end up destroying the planet’s atmosphere.

But to complete their mission, little Nova, ADD and her friend Nas will have to escape the investigator’s pursuit. Claire (Hannah van Lunteren) that begins to reconstruct all the steps of the pilot until closing the siege around her.

Captain Nova


Tech time travelers

And let’s talk about who did all this, because a movie doesn’t just live in history. Starting with the direction of Maurice Trouwborst, who also signs the script alongside Lotte Tabbers, who were responsible for mixing action and science fiction. In addition to being produced by Marloes Luinge, Koji Nelissen and Derk-Jan-Warrink to the netfflix.

Don’t stop there! For the rest of the world they may be anonymous, but in the Netherlands, the cast made up of Joep Vermolen, Steef Cuijpers, Yahya Gaier, Yannick Jozefzoon and Ricky Koole form a team of great actors selected by hand.

With excellent photography and well-made cuts, Captain Nova may not have a super script to stand out or even a huge amount of special effects, but it has Who steals the show, Kika van de Vijverfor representing an adult woman in a child’s body and Marouane Meftahbeing cute with those curls and an innocent look.

The 2021 film brings a plot that is falling in the taste of directors and screenwriters around the world. Not long after the launch of Project Adamwhich also deals with time travel, the Dutchmen arrive with the same style on the streaming service.

Captain Nova


The true mission of Nova

Oh guys, I threw myself, this is the kind of movie that I like. I love fiction with time travel and even more with a dose of adventure. and I confess that Captain Nova broke some of my concepts. I thought the Dutch were cold, because it was the other way around, this time I even got emotional!

The film brings a message of awareness about protecting the environment, which, in the current moment we live in, is super important. For history shows a probable future which is a consequence of human carelessness when dealing with hazardous chemicals!

Put on your uniform and helmet and now go there and check our Mammy Netflix and then come here and tell me what you think! LOVE IT

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