Casey Hammer: Where is Armie Hammer Aunt Now?

Casey Hammer: Where is Armie Hammer Aunt Now?

Discovery+’s docuseries, ‘House of Hammer,’ focus on the rape and also abuse claims leveled against Armie Hammer, with a number of people stepping forward with stories of their time dating him. The program additionally includes Casey Hammer, Armie’s aunt, who gives a thorough account of what it resembled growing up in the Hammer family and also why she had not been surprised when the allegations against Armie surfaced. So, allow’s discover even more about her after that, shall we?

Who is Casey Hammer?

Casey Hammer was born to Julian Hammer, Armie’s grandpa and also the only son of Armand Hammer, the oil mogul that passed away in 1990. Regarding her grandfather, Casey stated, “Everything he did was public. According to Casey, she was consistently told she was an error and also that she was meant to be a young boy.

On the show, Casey likewise talked about just how every little thing the household members did was regulated. Casey stated a pattern of abuse in the Hammer home. She claimed that her daddy, Julian, struck her mother and also claimed the males in the family were psychologically, literally, and also sexually violent.

Additionally, Casey specified that her papa chance at her during an event when she was more youthful. Based on the program, Julian asked Casey to hold up a phone book and then fired, striking guide. She declared that he as soon as woke her up at gunpoint to examine if aliens had her. In an additional troubling accusation, Casey claimed in her 2015 publication, ‘Surviving My Birthright,’ that her papa sexually abused her when she was young.

In a later interview, Casey added, “A lot of what people focus on is the sexual abuse, the physical, which is horrific. Also the mental abuse is a big component because it’s like mind control. After Armand died in 1990, Casey said she was left only $250,000 as part of his will, with almost all of the $40 million going to Michael, Armie’s father.

Where is Casey Hammer Today?

After Armand’s fatality, Casey as well as numerous others filed claims against his estate, and she ultimately chose about $1.4 million. In 2015, Casey published her memoir, ‘Surviving my Birthright,’ which detailed her experiences growing up and everything she saw in the family. At the time, she said that it was all she knew. Casey added, “Back then, you really did not have social media, so you just assumed this was the way typical abundant, renowned, wealthy people acted in Los Angeles. Behind shut doors, it was a free-for-all.”

Casey is separated from the Hammer family and also does not keep any kind of contact with her bro or Armie. Writing as well as releasing the book was a recovery experience for her, and she’s proud of the other women who stepped forward. Casey stated, “To see how endure they are to come ahead, to me, was so empowering due to the fact that it’s scary nowadays on social networks. Hopefully, this helps others step forward as well as say ‘no’ to being abused.”

Casey presently lives in Carlsbad, California, as well as works as a Kitchen Designer at The Home Depot Design Center. She has a Bachelor’s level in Business Administration and studied Feng Shui. Besides taking pleasure in football, equine riding, bike riding, and also spending time with good friends, Casey has as well as runs Dragon Devas Feng Shui Consulting.

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