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Celina Mays: Found and Missing, Is She Dead or Alive

Celina Mays was only 12-years-old when she apparently vanished from her bedroom in Willingboro, New Jersey, in December 1996. In the years that followed, liked ones and also authorities proceeded to look for her.

What Happened to Celina Mays?

Celina Janette Mays was birthed in May 1984 to CJ Mays and also Lynn Vitale. At the time of the event, Celina was living with her papa’s household in Willingboro, New Jersey, as well as grew up in a religious as well as protected setting; she was homeschooled.

On December 15, 1996, Celina and the rest of the household went to church. Once they returned, they proceeded to have gelato, as well as the girl mosted likely to her bedroom at some time around 11 pm. Until after that, whatever appeared typical. However when Celina’s relative mosted likely to wake her up the adhering to day, she was nowhere to be seen. Pillows were placed under the blanket to make it look like a person was sleeping, and all of her items were left behind. Celina relatively went away right into the evening with only the garments on her back.

Is Celina Mays Dead or Alive?

The authorities looked right into finding the identification of Celina’s coming kid’s daddy. According to the household, she never stated that it was, just saying it was a 16-year-old and also not a participant of the church they were a part of. CJ specified that Celina really did not want the identification to be recognized and also was angry upon discovering the baby’s blood examinations might disclose it. At one point, he believed that Celina planned on leaving home. Although Celina was just 12, abortion was not a choice, given the household’s religions.

The Mays were part of the Gospel of Christ Ministry, with CJ’s sibling, Serita Smith, being the pastor. The Mays and Serita weren’t cooperative with the authorities. When Lynn died in 1994, her household attempted to acquire safekeeping of Celina; they said that CJ had a criminal history, utilized medicines, and also was involved in domestic violence.

Ultimately, the court ruled that CJ would get Celina’s wardship. After Celina vanished, her maternal auntie, Cindy Cram, implicated the Mays of hiding the young lady and also claimed there was nasty play. In turn, the Mays declared that Lynn’s household concealed Celina and perhaps took her to Florida or Michigan due to the fact that they desired to acquire protection.

One of Celina’s loved ones really felt that the infant’s father eliminated her or that she perhaps died due to the fact that of an amateur abortion. One more report was that the infant’s father was one of Celina’s relatives.

Due to the fact that there was little evidence to show where Celina went, the authorities were puzzled. In January 1997, there was a possible discovery of Celina at a restaurant, yet that was eventually validated not to be her. Records of her discoveries in Lacey Township as well as Hopewell Township surfaced, however they were unconfirmed. The police have gone after more than 200 leads throughout the years and really hope developments in age-progression picture innovation as well as the prevalence of social media will assist bring brand-new info relating to the instance. If alive, Celina would be in her late 30s with a kid about 25-years-old.

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