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Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Recap, Ending, Explained

In ‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 1 entitled ‘Dog & Chainsaw,’ Denji, a boy attempts desperately to repay his late papa’s crushing financial debt by searching evil ones for the yakuza with the help of his Chainsaw devil pet, Pochita. One regular day, his financial obligation enthusiast takes him to a worn out facility for another assignment and also winds up betraying him for his hidden agendas. Although Denji obtains killed there by zombified human beings, his animal merges with his body, approving him inconceivable powers and revitalizing him at the same time. Right here’s everything you need to learn about the ending of ‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Recap

Denji is a boy who still owes the yakuza a crushing financial obligation of over 38 million yen regardless of helping them for years and selling different body components including his eye and kidney. The good news is, he has a Chainsaw devil pet named Pochita that assists him make large amounts of cash by searching evil ones for the yakuza. The duo lives together in a ramshackle home and needs to make it through by eating bread as they do not even have the means to buy jam.

In his horrible financial situations, all Denji dreams around are living a typical life as well as locating a lady he suches as. It seems like a far-fetched desire for him. When he was just a young boy, Denji’s dad hung himself as well as left a crushing financial debt on him. The debt collection agency advised him that if he stops working to gather 700,000 yen by tomorrow, he will get murdered. Listening to the impossible job, Denji quit all hopes of living longer. When he met a Chainsaw devil that had an injury on his tummy, that’s.

The duo started living together after that and also the Chainsaw devil aided Denji quest evil ones to repay at the very least some cash that the yakuza anticipated of him. Denji was taken to a worn out center, where he anticipated the financial debt enthusiast to ask him to search an adversary.

To his shock, Denji found out that the debt collection agency and also the yakuza had made a deal with the Zombie evil one for demonic power. In return, the Zombie evil one desired the devil seeker to be killed given that he hated them. Prior to Denji could fully process what was occurring he was stabbed in the back and also although he attempted to flee he eventually got bordered by zombified humans- who completely murdered him.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Ending: How And Why Does Pochita Revive Denji? What Does He Ask From Him in Return?

After the zombified humans have actually eliminated Denji, some of his blood inadvertently flows right into Pochita’s mouth waking him up and also apparently recovering several of his injuries. The faithful pet dog remembers Denji once telling him that he is most likely to be killed while adversary searching eventually. In such a circumstance, he had actually asked Pochita to take control of his body and also live a typical life. When he finally locates himself in that situation, Pochita integrates with Denji’s body without giving it a 2nd idea.

In a dream sequence, Denji asks Pochita if he has actually taken over his body equally as he had actually asked him to do but to his surprise, his dedicated pet not only talks back but confesses a secret that he always enjoyed to hear him speak about his desires. Pochita uses to give him his heart on the problem that Denji will remain to allow him see his desires. Prior to he could respond, Denji suddenly woke up and also recognizes that he is not only alive today has the powers of the Chainsaw devil.

Does Denji Kill the Zombie Devil? What Happens to the Debt Collector?

The mindless zombified human beings transform their interest towards him again when Denji takes care of to stand on his feet. The Zombie adversary additionally understands that he is not dead, so he tells his minions to kill him. Denji marvels why these zombified people were not pleased with what they already had in life as well as come to the verdict that he is not much different from them as he never ever genuinely valued his time with Pochita up until currently. Quickly the Zombie evil one’s brainless minions get on Denji and also it shows up that they are eating him alive.

It turns out that Denji is slaughtering all the zombified humans utilizing the chainsaws extending out of his hands and head. Denji is relentless in his attack as well as he does not stop up until he kills every last of his enemies in the run-down center along with the Zombie devil himself.

What is Makima’s Offer For Denji? Does He Accept it?

At some time after Denji has slaughtered the zombie devil along with his entourage of brainless minions, a team of 3 mystical people gets to the worn out center. They observe the scenario and recognize that one evil one is still to life. The light red-haired female named Maikma that leads the other two techniques Denji and also presents herself as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. While they have hardly started talking, Denji begins to get on a state of unconsciousness. As he falls back, he asks to be hugged, as well as Makima responds right away by holding him in her arms.

At that minute, Denji immediately turns back into a human once more. In his horrible state, the assurance of prompt healthy meals is even more than sufficient to encourage Denji, that accepts Makima’s offer without any type of conditions.

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