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Charlie Sheen: The scandal that diverted the career of the protagonist of Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen’s on-screen success did not last as expected, although his charisma brought in the attention of fans, his personality and his debatable private life were decreasing appeal, to the point where today he is kept in mind a lot more for his opprobrious headings than for his talent before the video camera.

Charged of having harmful partnerships, being violent with his partners, even contaminating his companions with HIV, inadequate Charlie Sheen has no getaway from public embarrassment. Charlie Sheen is the initial to admit that he did exactly that with some former partners.

Understandably, his admission angered a lot of his exes. An anonymous lady filed a lawsuit versus the actor in 2017, declaring that Sheen not just lied that he did not have HIV and also no STDs, but told her not to take antiretroviral medications when he lastly disclosed his HIV standing. According to TMZ, the legal action was cleared up in August of this year for $120,000.

Charlie Sheen apparently abused Brittany Ashland

In the late ’90s, Charlie Sheen ended up being romantically involved with grown-up starlet Brittany Ashland. In 1997, Charlie Sheen was charged with misdemeanor attack after Ashland detailed the ruthless assault he purportedly brought upon on her, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Reports regarding Ashland claim she was tossed to the ground by her hair and needed stitches to her lip after the claimed attack. She likewise declared that she was advised not to go to the authorities, fearing that Charlie Sheen would certainly eliminate her. Although the star at first kept his virtue, and reps for him called Ashland’s claims “a corny extortion attempt,” he inevitably did not challenge the attack.

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