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‘Cheer Up’ Han Ji-hyun “I grew up while acting the process of becoming an adult”

Actress Han Ji-hyeon (26), who made her mark in the drama ‘Penthouse’ as the immature and venomous villain Joo Seok-gyeong, tried to transform her image into a fresh college student in the SBS drama ‘Cheer Up’.

Han Ji-hyun, who met with Yonhap News Agency on the 16th at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, said, “I was there in every moment of the filming.

Looking at the ending, I remembered that time and I couldn’t forget the afterglow, so I cried for 1 hour and 30 minutes.”

Cheer Up, Han Ji-hyun’s first starring role, depicts the members of the university cheering squad ‘Theia’ helping each other and growing up together in order to have a successful cheering match, and it ended on the 13th of this month.

Han Ji-hyun played the role of Do Hae-i, a college student who cannot dream of a romantic school life because she is the head of a poor family, but overcomes the situation with a positive mindset.

Do Hae-i is a character 180 degrees different from Joo Seok-gyeong, played by Han Ji-hyun in Penthouse. He is an easy-going and bright person who lies down on a campus bench and talks about his inner feelings without hesitation even to his seniors who are having difficulties with everyone. “Hayi is a friend who exudes bright energy in his pure twenties. In Penthouse, I didn’t feel like he was smiling even when he laughed, but in Cheer Up, Haiyi is a friend who is happy when he smiles . I wanted to play a character who is bouncy and cheerful. (Laughs)” Han Ji- hyun said . He explained that his real personality is very similar to Do Hae-i.

He said, “I was a person who couldn’t control my excitement and couldn’t find a way to disperse it like Hae-i when I was in college,” he said. At the same time, he confessed that there were difficulties in taking the lead role for the first time.

Han Ji-hyun said, “While researching Hae-i, I identified myself so much that I wondered if I was Hae-i or Hae-i was me.” I saw it while tearing it apart,” he recalled.

He continued, “Looking back, it was my first lead role, so I think I was exhausted trying to do my best in each scene.”

Han Ji-hyun introduced the secret to overcoming the hurdle, saying that she was comforted by the director when she was struggling, and that she and her fellow actors raised each other’s mood and cheered up.

In the play, Do Hae-yi is tightly united with a strong sense of responsibility and rarely receives even a little help, but gradually learns to receive help by entering Theia, building a deep friendship with the members, and confessing her feelings to her lover, Park Jeong-woo (Bae In-hyuk).

Han Ji-hyun said, “Hae-yi is a friend who has become accustomed to refusing help, but towards the end of the play, she learns to be grateful for help.” I learned what the world is like when we all live together.”

Han Ji-hyun gave meaning to acting Do Hae-i as an opportunity to mature.

She said, “I felt love from Jung-woo, comfort from seniors, and family love from her mother (Seong Chun-yang).

‘Cheer Up’ went through the process of becoming an adult, and I also grew up in it.

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