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Choose or Die – You have to earn it to survive! || review


Mammy likes to be scared! It premiered on April 15 on the platform, Choose or Die (Choose or Die) , a hair-raising story in the good 80s style, only in 2022! And the British decided to continue showing their own style of making horror movies!

The streaming service’s bet on European films is on the rise. The far-fetched style and quite different from what we are used to seeing in North American productions, is gaining ground in the taste of subscribers. And still revealing new talents that don’t leave anything to be desired!

Attention  Netnaija ! Please be advised that this review   contains  NO SPOILER  and we will always be impartial in your opinion. Here, you decide if it’s  WORTH  or  NOT WORTH  seeing what we’ve reviewed!

If you’ve already PLAY, it’s no use giving up, you have to play until the end!

Choose or Die


It’s time to play CURS>R!

Kayla ( Iola Evans ), a broke student with an eviction notice and an addicted mother, after a day of hard work, goes to visit her friend Isaac ( Asa Butterfield ) and happens to come across an 80 ‘s video game on tapecassette, which offers a prize of $125,000 to whoever wins the game!

She starts playing with the aim of trying to win the main prize and solve all her problems. But Kayla completely ignores that retro gaming is demonic and doesn’t understand when she gets the message that the player has to be worthy of being in the game.

The young programmer ends up unleashing a hidden curse that distorts reality. She and Isaac decide to continue playing and end up discovering that Kayla is no longer playing for the prize, but for her own life and that of everyone she loves or has a relationship with while playing.

As the game progresses, she understands that with every choice she is forced to make, anyone, including herself, who dies in the game also dies in real life! And the worst, once started, there’s no stopping it, until only one survives.

The choice of satanic gamers of technique


The choice of satanic gamers of technique

The British horror film directed in his directorial debut, by Toby Meakins won our Mammy ‘s full trust to bring Simon Allen ‘s terrifying script to life , because, apparently, it was inspired by the style of The Ring and brought a souvenir from the 80’s. as a cursed object, a cassette tape!

In addition to Asa from the hit Sex Education alongside Iola from The 100 , Eddie Marsan , Robert Englund , Kate Fleetwood , Ryan Gage , Angela Griffin , Caroline Loncq , Joe Bolland and George Taylor are also part of the cast .

The companies involved with Netflix, Anton and Stigma Films , delivered a job well done. The feeling that you’re in a game emulator  turned out great, which reminds us well of the bizarre and surprising mood surrounding the technology, just like in the Black Mirror series .

But what won me over? Simple, the plot that leads to catastrophic choices, which reminds me of the desperate sequels of Saw . It’s not a movie, but it’s certainly well above the average of some movies that are Netflix originals.

Game over


Game over!

Choose or Die is like eight or eighty, you either like it or you hate it, but I guarantee it’s worth checking out, especially those who enjoy a good suspense filled with scares in a horror story that has a gamer as its protagonist !

Boy, did I like it, because I love the desperate atmosphere that the plot created in the sequels of the film. Besides that, I’m also a fan of Asa Butterfield who had already won my heart since 2008 when he gave life to Bruno in The boy in the striped pajamas .

Think before you play, but if you already did, now it’s playing baby! Go there and check it out on our Mammy Netflix  and then come here and tell me what you think! LOVE IT

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