Chris Bianco: Where Is Pizza Chef Now?

Chris Bianco: Where Is Pizza Chef Now?

Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table: Pizza’ takes the audience on a globe scenic tour to the kitchen areas of the most famous Pizza manufacturers in the food industry since today. From remarkable as well as, sometimes, unconventional components to extraordinary food preparation methods as well as approaches, these Pizzas remain in a class of their very own. Apart from reveling in the happiness of a flawlessly baked Pizza, the collection additionally takes us right into the lives of each chef, allowing customers to connect with them on a deeper level.

Chef Chris Bianco’s Phoenix dining establishment, Pizzeria Bianco, has actually long been considered the best place for Pizza in the United States. Chris came from a modest start as well as quite surprisingly, chose the city of Phoenix on an impulse. Allow’s take a deeper dive into his life and discover where Chef Chris Bianco goes to present, shall we?

Who Is Chef Chris Bianco?

Although Chef Chris Bianco was born in New York City, he was raised in a dense family in Ossining, New York. Surprisingly, one of Chris’ favored was to see his aunt in the kitchen. He observed every information and soon understood that cooking might turn out to be an enthusiasm. When he started functioning at an Ossining Pizza dining establishment when he was just 13 years of age, this feeling was better improved.

Fate had grand points intended for Chris, and also remarkably, he soon won area tickets that permitted him to travel to a city of his option in the United States. He later on pointed out that although he selected to fly to Phoenix, he did not have any kind of special thinking behind his option. The young kid fell in love with the city at very first glance and was determined to make a living there in the future.

Visitors would be interested to know that Chris did not have the methods to begin a restaurant outright. Rather, a kindly food store owner provided him a location in his store to make as well as market pizzas. Naturally, the pizzas were a substantial hit, and also word spread like wildfire. Recognizing that he has actually found his calling, Chris then took a trip to Italy, meaning to discover every little thing there is about making a pizza.

Eventually, the chef went back to Phoenix in 1994 and also began his extremely first dining establishment, Pizzeria Bianco. Chris’ pizza realm soon began broadening at a record speed, as well as although Pizzeria Bianco has transformed locations since opening its doors for the first time, it is still taken into consideration to be among the most effective locations to have pizza in the United States.

Where Is Chef Chris Bianco Now?

While Pizzeria Bianco’s food selection is relatively short, Chris has actually kept his standards by hand rolling all of the dough as well as making fresh mozzarella each early morning. The pizzas are baked in a wood-burning oven, and all ingredients come fresh from either the Pizzeria’s garden or the farmer’s market. Hence, in the years following the dining establishment’s opening, Chris won numerous distinctions, consisting of 2003’s James Beard Foundation Award for finest Southwest Chef.

Furthermore, a great deal of prestigious and popular publications have included the dining establishment and also its great food, with some also calling it the very best in the United States. Also today, Chris continues to be faithful to Phoenix as well as resides in the city with his loving family members. He currently runs two branches of Pizzeria Bianco, both in Phoenix, together with 2 other Phoenix-based Pane Bianco dining establishments.

Additionally, Chris also has a 5th dining establishment in Phoenix, which is called Tratto and also primarily offers seasonal recipes as well as pasta. In 2022, Chris was awarded the Outstanding Restaurateur award by the James Beard Foundation, and we hope success never eludes him in the years to come.

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