Chris Evans Responds To Reports Of Questioning Sam Wilson As Captain America

Chris Evans Responds To Reports Of Questioning Sam Wilson As Captain America

Chris Evans has actually thrown his complete assistance behind Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson adhering to a record failing to name the character as Captain America while introducing the director for the future solo film Captain America 4. Evans played Steve Rogers also known as Captain America from 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger till 2019’s Avengers: Endgame where, at the end of the movie, he handed the shield over to his close friend and also ally Sam Wilson. This remained in keeping with the comics, as in 2014 Sam Wilson became the brand-new Captain America.

The MCU explored Sam Wilson’s journey to ending up being Captain America with the Disney+ series The Falcon and also the Winter Soldier which premiered in March 2021 as well as wrapped up in April the same year. The day after the final episode broadcast it was validated that Marvel Studios was developing Captain America 4 with Sam Wilson in the lead duty. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier head author Malcolm Spellman will pen the script and it was lately introduced that Julius Onah would route Captain America 4.

When the announcement regarding Onah signing on route was made, THR stated that it was unclear if Evans would repeat his function and that it was uncertain that would possess the shield in spite of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier clearly laying out that Sam Wilson was the brand-new Captain America. Evans, required to Twitter to throw in his assistance behind Mackie. Evans just responded that “Sam Wilson Is Captain America”. See the tweet listed below:

In spite of Captain America’s story obtaining a correct verdict at the end of Avengers: Endgame, there have been relentless rumors that Marvel Studios touched to have Evans repeat his role as Steve Rogers. Unlike Tony Stark as well as Natasha Romanoff who died in that film, Steve Rogers was last seen alive as well as his location became a fun running joke throughout The Falcon and also the Winter Soldier. It appears though that Evans has moved on from the duty, aligning different other movie jobs as well as Marvel Studios is totally committed to proceeding the franchise business by passing it on Mackie as Sam Wilson.

Evans just recently has dealt with a comparable scenario as Mackie’s Sam Wilson with the recent release of Lightyear. Evans recognizes what it is like to deal with such resistance to tipping into a legendary function and also is showing complete support for his follower ahead of Captain America 4.

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