Chrissy Chambers Now: Where is Bria And Chrissy Vlogger Today Update

Chrissy Chambers Now Where is Bria And Chrissy Vlogger Today Update

Chrissy Chambers, one half of the YouTube network BriaAndChrissy, is a popular vlogger and singer who has actually been outspoken versus vengeance porn. In 2013, Chrissy encountered numerous unexpected consequences after videos including her were posted online without her expertise. The years that complied with brought an extreme lawful battle, as well as ultimately, a spots win brought some much-needed interest to exactly how regulations require to secure individuals affected. Examination Discovery’s ‘Devil in the Web: Revenge Porn’ delves into Chrissy’s story. So, if you’re curious to discover more regarding her, we’ve obtained you covered.

What Happened to Chrissy Chambers?

Chrissy Emily Chambers is originally from Mississippi. Chrissy soon understood that her guy was obsessive as well as jealous. Chrissy stated he wouldn’t let her audition for functions that had her date somebody else.


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A month later on, Chrissy couldn’t take his behavior anymore and also talked concerning taking a break from the partnership. While the partner didn’t take it very well, he recommended investing one final evening together before relocating back to the UK. That night in September 2009, they finished up consuming a great deal, and Chrissy claimed she had actually ended up being very intoxicated.

Chrissy eventually realized she was brought in to females and satisfied then-26-year-old Bria Kam at a gay club in Atlanta when she was 20-years-old. Their relationship removed, and also they soon began a YouTube channel together, with the very first video being posted in 2012. In June 2013, the last night Chrissy invested with her ex-boyfriend came back to haunt her. She learned that her x-rated videos were circulating online, as well as she googled that to see them herself.

The video clip showed Chrissy lost consciousness on a bed, naked, as well as a man (whose face had not been in the shot) having sex with her. She had no memory of it but recognized it was her in her apartment or condo in Atlanta. Already, the video clips had actually been uploaded to a number of x-rated sites and checked out many times. Chrissy’s British ex-boyfriend had actually secretly tape-recorded video clips after a night of drinking and also uploaded them on-line beginning in December 2011. Chrissy didn’t also keep in mind having sex with him that evening.

These video clips impacted Chrissy’s income as she started shedding clients. Hurtful remarks adhered to, with her including, “We had these 14-year-old ladies that we’ve been trying to influence writing [to] us and saying: ‘I had so much respect for you, and currently you’re a porn celebrity. You’re such a slut. Just how could I appreciate you?'” Chrissy faced problem going the lawful path, with the Atlanta cops stating considering that the videos were submitted in the UK, they could not do anything.

The authorities in the UK stated it would certainly be hard to bring criminal costs against her ex-boyfriend. While uploading private sex-related web content online without authorization was illegal in England, the regulation just came into result in April 2015. Considering that the videos were published long in the past, the regulation couldn’t be applied. After Chrissy went public with her story on her YouTube network in June 2015, she dealt with a lot more on-line vitriol. Ultimately, though, she triumphed when the ex-boyfriend consented to a bargain where she won damages as well as the copyright of those videos along with an apology. In return, he can not be determined publicly.

Where is Chrissy Chambers Today?

As part of the deal, the ex-boyfriend consented to pay the legal charges as well as a concealed however substantial sum in damages. He additionally approved responsibility and responsibility for the videos being recorded as well as uploaded. In the time after Chrissy discovered the videos, she dealt with night horrors and also stress and anxiety and was detected with PTSD. Ever since, she has actually proceeded therapy. Furthermore, right after the civil instance was made a decision in January 2018, Chrissy recommended to Bria outside the court house.


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The couple has actually given that remained to make videos and also post them on their YouTube channel, with near a million subscribers. They have been considered among one of the most popular lesbian material creators. Chrissy and Bria’s videos contain vlogs, sketches, and songs and spread understanding concerning LGBTQ issues. They have been together for more than a years and also wed in April 2018, lately commemorating their 4th wedding anniversary. In 2013, they released their music album ‘Face Your Fears.’

Regarding things going back to normal, Chrissy told Daily Campus, “Therapy helped me get my life back, and I was able to start living again. Chrissy talked about devoting more time to outdoor activities to help with her sobriety.

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