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Christopher Essex: Where Is Cosmic Love Cast Member Now?

Prime Video’s ‘Cosmic Love’ is an intriguing dating truth reveal that focuses on 4 people or components as they attempt and also locate their ideal partners from a group of sixteen solitary entrants. However, the “Astro Chamber” helps the elements in their trip by providing support and even exposing their astrologically perfect suits. Still, with issues of the heart being rather unforeseeable, it is intriguing to see if one can depend entirely on Astrology for love.

Remarkably, “Cosmic Love’ wasn’t Christopher J. Essex’s very first foray right into the show business, as followers identified the Nashville-based country artist. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the reality celebrity was ready to use his heart on his sleeve, points quickly started going downhill, making us interested about his existing whereabouts. Well, allow’s take a look at Chris E’s trip throughout the period and figure out where he goes to present, shall we?

Christopher J. Essex’s Cosmic Love Journey

Interestingly, it did not take wish for Chris E. and also New York City resident Maria Rodriguez to incline each other, and the latter even picked the Nashville resident as her first date. Surprisingly, the date turned out to be ideal, as well as Maria recognized that she had to discover a link with Chris E. even if their astrological charts weren’t a complete suit. Therefore, she was pretty dissatisfied when the “Astro Chamber” disclosed Caleb as her initial excellent match.

Even though Maria was interested by her matches and also thought about going after a romantic connection with her 3rd match, Chris R, she was not able to place Chris E. out of her mind, and their connection kept getting more powerful with each passing day. As a matter of fact, at one point in time, Maria was ready to neglect all the astrological support if it suggested that she as well as Chris E. could be together. The “Astro Chamber” soon rewarded her dedication by revealing Chris E. as Maria’s 4th best match, to her utmost delight.

Quite surprisingly, Maria as well as Chris E.’s connection started degrading as soon as they obtained to recognize each other on a much deeper level. Besides, with time, Maria understood she might be better off checking out other partnerships. Surprisingly, at this very time, the New York City resident started establishing a promising bond with Chris Ragusa, and after seeing how their wavelengths matched flawlessly, Maria determined to get rid of Chris E. from the show.

Where Is Christopher J. Essex Now?

Chris E’s recent social media messages make the lack of a special somebody quite evident, and that, paired with no reports on his dating life, makes us presume that the truth star is still solitary. From the looks of it, Chris E. has presently surrounded himself with his liked ones as well as is enjoying life to the max.

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