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Chyno Miranda’s mother asks Nicolas Maduro for help to get her son back

In a determined cry to get her son back, Alcira Perez Ochoa created an open letter to the head of state of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, advocating his help in obtaining Chyno Miranda back to health and wellness.

In the letter, the mother details the vocalist’s state of wellness and discusses what occurred around his transfer from the Tia Panchita clinic to El Cedral, where he is currently being held.

Alcira points to the interpreter’s sweetheart, Astrid Torrealba Falcon, as the individual in charge of the media rumor that has actually been created around the vocalist’s wellness. Furthermore, she denies that she has any kind of lawful ability to disqualify the interpreter as she has done. Additionally, she charges her of using cocaine and marijuana.

” I don’t comprehend how the person Astrid has requested the incompetency of my son without having the authenticity to do so, and the most awful thing is that a Judge of the Republic has processed stated request,” stated the mother. “It is paradoxical that an individual with medicine addiction issues demands the incompetency of an additional person with the very same issue.”

The mother described that on December 14, she tried to see her son in El Cedral, however that she was rejected accessibility due to the fact that Chyno was not at the facility, because he had gone to a medical visit.

Hrs later, he observed that the influencer published an interview with the vocalist on his social networks.

” He was gotten rid of from the center with these purposes, despite the fact that he was in a disqualification procedure, that is, he was spoken with outside the facility by this man, not having his optimum mental faculties, despite the legal process that the Venezuelan State has actually ordered.”, said.

After this situation, Alcira begged the head of state to implement the regulation and intercede to make sure that she is the one who takes her son residence to help him recoup his health.

” I plead you, citizen President Nicolas Maduro and the First Lady, who is a mother like me, that, being the highest authority in the country, intercede to ensure that justice is shown and 3rd parties do not jeopardize due process and can take me my son to proceed treating him in your home,” he claimed. “Jesús ‘Chyno’ Miranda requires to heal, because prior to being a musician, he is a human being with the right to life.”

In very early November, Chyno was moved without the consent of his family members from the Tia Panchita center to El Cedral, on allegations that he was not obtaining ample care there. His partner was designated as responsible for performing the procedures for his transfer.

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